Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to, Samson Occom, 1764 August 25


abstractCopy of a letter in which Wheelock encloses the commission from Scotland for Occom's mission to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), and advises him to find a donor to supply him with money.

handwritingHandwriting is not Wheelock’s; it is clear and legible.

paperSingle sheet is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear.

inkDark brown ink bleeds through paper somewhat.

noteworthyThis document is a copy of 764475.4.

signatureThe signature is not Wheelock's.

  M.r Occom,  Sir. 
Your Time is ſo short, and your Buſineſs ſo  crowding, that I can't deſire ſuch an Addition to your Bur­  den, as your coming hither again would be: I therefore take this  Way to hint to you what I would ſay more fully if you were here
And in the firſt place, I ſuſpect you will miſs of  ſeeing m.r Kirtland on his Return from M.r Whitefield, and alſo  of ſeeing M.r Whitefield, who I hear preached ſome weeks ago at  Philadelphia, & conſequently, you will miſs of receiving any Supplys  which he may have got for your Journey; and if ſo, I adviſe you  to repreſent the Caſe to ſome able Friends at New York, and if you  can get Supply no other Way, hire the Money of ſome good Friend  till you return.
I herewith ſend you a Copy of our Commiſsion  from Scotland, in order that you may ſhew it, if you ſhall have  Occaſion, to Genl Gage, Genl Johnſon, or others.
I would have you obtain 15 or 20 Youth, if you  can procure those that^which^ are likely, of remote Tribes of Indians.  And if you hear that which is encouraging of good Peter at  Onohoqagee, and thoſe two Boys there who were offered to  the Commiſsioners at Boſton, let them be of the Number.
There was alſo an Engliſh Lad with the Mohawks  to learn their Tongue, before this War, who I hear is very likely:  if you can obtain ſuch an one, do it. I ſhall leave the Proportion  of Girls to you, & Genl Johnſon, whoſe Advice I would have you  take in every Thing when it may be had.
And beſure, you let all the Children, whom  you bring, know that they don't come here to be without Government,  nor to live a lazy ſordid Life, but to be fitted for Buſineſs and  Uſefulneſs in the World. And I am not Afraid that you ſhould boaſt  of my Mohawk Boys Proficiency in very ſtrong Terms.
And don't fail to write to me of your Progreſs,  Succeſs, and any Occurrence that may be entertaining, by every  Opportunity 
Opportunity, as you know Friends at Home will be glad to hear.
Send me an Account of what Labour you have or ſhall hire  upon my Credit ^at Mohegan^; and what you deſire me to do for your ^Family^ while  you are gone.
And may the God of all Grace be with you & David in  all the Way whilher you go, and inſpire you with Wiſdom,  Prudence, Zeal, Courage, and holy Fortitude, and honour you  to be the Inſtrument to ſpread the Savour of his Name, and  the Knowledge of the great Salvation, far among the Pagans.
Remember me reſpectfully to Friends in your Way, eſpe­  cially at New York — which with Love &c is the needful  from 
Yours affectionately   Eleazar Wheelock    Revd Mr Occom 
aug.t 27th P.S. M.r Kirtland returned laſt Evening, has got no Money,  M.r Whitefield is at N-York. talks of going to Albany this Week  if he can he will ſerve you, if he can't accquaint M.r Whitaker  do the beſt you can — 
To M:r Occom, Augt 25:th 1764