Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Sir William Johnson, 1764 August 25


abstractWheelock writes to Johnson asking him to oversee Occom’s proposals to the Six Nations to receive missionaries and school teachers. He also asks that Johnson select 15 or 20 Indians of both sexes for education at the Indian Charity School.

handwritingHandwriting is fairly neat and clear, with some additions and deletions.

paperSingle large sheet is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthyThe contents of this document are similar to those of document 764475.1.

The accounts we have had of the Smiles of Heaven upon  Your ^Honour's^ Important undertaking, and the [illegible] Temper which So many  diſtant Tribes of Indians have diſcovered towards the Engliſh have  determined the Com̅iſsioners of a Board of Corriſpondents lately formd  ^in this Government^ by a Commiſsion from the Hon.le Society for propogating  Chriſtian Knowledge, that it may anſwer Several good Purposes  to Send the Revd M.r Occom to meet you, if it may be before  those Indians from remote Tribes who have joyn'd Your Army  are diſperſed, ^and accordingly they do herewith Send him^ in Order to make Proposals to them ^ſd Tribes of Indians^ of receiving  Miſsionaries and School Maſters among them. and alſo to procure  a Number of likely Youth (of both Sexes if you think beſt) to be Educated  in this School — and the Com̅iſsioners deſire (if Your Honour will not  think the Burden too great amidſt your weighty Affairs) that the Whole  may be under your direction and Conduct. I Should be glad to receive  15 or 20. if You can procure those who are likely, and from Tribes as  remote as may be. — We hope to be able to Send of them two or three  Miniſters next Spring and as many School Maſters. if a Door Shall be  open for them. All the Mohock Boys, and Several other Indian youth are  in this School are now well accompliſhed for School Maſters excepting  their want of Age —
I have no need to recommend the Rev.d Mr Occom or his Brother  David Fowler whom we have appointed to accompany him to your  Honours Kindneſs & Friendſhip, ſince you have given them Such Teſtimonials  thereof [illegible], as invite them and us, with greateſt Confidence to rely upon it—
May God Still Smile upon Your Endeavours to make North America a  quiet and peacible Habitation for his people, and reward all your  Labours and Fatigue therein, not only with Such worldly Honours as you  have merited from your fellow men, but with the Richer Bleſsings of this new  covenant and everlaſting Covenant. 
I am with great Eſteem and Reſpect   Your Honours moſt Obed.t   and moſt Humble Servant  Eleazar Wheelock   
P.S. give my  love to Joseph. 
The Honle Gen.l Johnſon. 
To Genl Johnſon  Aug.t 25th 1764.