Samson Occom, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1764 August 22


abstractOccom reports on his activities and on progress in the building of his house. He also notes that he’s been paid a half-year's salary by the Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America. On two verso, Wheelock has written an outline for a sermon.

handwritingOccom’s hand is formal and clear; Wheelock’s is cramped, heavily abbreviated and much less legible. There are two other hands on the document: one is that of an editor, likely 19th-century; the other likely belongs to Solomon Williams.

paperMedium-sized sheet folded in half to make four pages is in fair condition, with moderate wear along the edges, and a tear in the center that results in some loss of text.

inkDark brown ink, likely iron gall, has burned through the paper in spots.

noteworthyWoven throughout Wheelock's sermon are random notes that appear to be in Wheelock's hand. A note added below Wheelock's sermon appears to have been written by Solomon Williams. On two verso, an editor, likely 19th-century, has added the note "S. Occom aug. 22. 1764." This note has not been transcribed.

layoutOccom's letter is on one recto and verso; Wheelock's notes are on two recto and verso.

EventsBuilding of Occom’s house

Rev.d Sir 
I can write  but a ward or two in great hu^r^ ry, I was at New London Mon­ day and I can find nothing that  the Honble Commſſrs has done  for me But ten Pounds ſince  I firſt went up to onoyda, and  that was ^p^aid as Salary for half  years Service at Mont[illegible]auk  Timber for [illegible]my Houſe is got thro'  your good Influance for ^wich^ I am  thankful and I hope ever Shall  be [illegible]both to god and man — I have  many Hands to Day Both P^l^owers  and Seller Diggers, and the overs  Seers are to meet here this Day  by the dorder of the Government  to reconclile matters as I under­ ſtand —David went to Lyme  laſt Satturday and he is not  come back — I want to ^go^ on our  Journey as ſoon as poſſable
we have been very Sick in  my family but are now better  thro' favour, — with Sincere  Service I Subſcribe your [illegible]worth leſs Servant
Samſon Occom  Mohegan  Auguſt 22 1764 
John 6.53. except ye Eate ye Fleſh  and Drink ye Blood &c —  D. y.t nil can give us Sp.l Life but Eatg ye  fleſh & Drinkg ye Blood of X.
I. Diſcribe [illegible][guess: y.e] faith in X & [illegible][guess: pr]lrly w.t of it is  Implyd in Eatg [illegible][guess: the] — y.[illegible][guess: s] metaph.l  Diſcripn of it in o.r txt.
1. y.t x is y.e Fountn auth.r [illegible][guess: Nouriſ][illegible]&  of Sp.l Life.
2. an appetite to [guess: y.s] food w.c is occaſiond  only by con[illegible][guess: v]n of y.e [illegible][guess: Lord]. ==
3. Delight. An applic.n of x to [illegible][guess: offer] . ==
4. Delight. meet in [illegible] ==
5. Deriv.n of Nouriſhmt fr. him.
II. wthout y.s is not Spl Life. Le Da[illegible]rd
1. y.e Princle of Life [gap: hole][illegible][guess: sup tg] S.[illegible][guess: t] of Life in x[illegible]
2. of courſe all y.e [illegible][guess: Actgs] of it. & all [illegible][guess: Contry]  Enmity == This [illegible][guess: For] [illegible][guess: for] [illegible][guess: David]
3. all ye Symptoms of Death —
1. fr. ye grtnſs of y.[illegible][guess: s] Neceſsty David 1764
2. fr. y.e Expence of y.e Giver of y.e Bene[illegible][guess: fet][illegible]
3. y.e freenſs of y.e off.r == wthout money:
4. y.e Sweetnſs & B[illegible]dnſs of y.e Enjoy[illegible][guess: mnt] ==
5. y.e [illegible][guess: pl]eadgs of infinite L. on ye one hand  and Infinite wrath threatnd ==
The above is a sermon in the hand  writing of Dr Eleazar Wheelock,  first President of Dartmouth  College.
[bottom]1.Mourng makes way for Comf.t.  accordg to y.e courſe of Natr Night before Day  y.e Sp.t of y.e Ld. is upon me. == [illegible] of Joy for ==  2. mourng makes way for comft: it opens ye  [illegible] bids x his Comfts wellcome ==
To  The Revd El⁁azer Wheelock  at  Lebanon