Nathaniel Whitaker, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1764 August 22


abstractWhitaker writes an informal letter regarding matters including the Mason Land Case and the Jewett controversy.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible, although letter case is occasionally difficult to discern.

paperSmall single sheet is in good condition, with light creasing, staining and wear.

noteworthy"D.V." is an abbreviation for the latin phrase "Deo volente," or "God willing." The word "fortasse" means "perhaps."

EventsMason Land Case, Jewett Controversy

  Revd & [illegible][guess: Dr] B.r 
Your's by Iſaiah Uncas I rec.d laſt night; Sent  him Straight down to mohegan to See his Dad. & mr  Occum, & to know ye reaſon why he does not Send up  David; &c I Shall D.V. go to mohegan to morrow if  the Seaſon allow — the rain has prevented monday & Tueſ­  day — Dr Br Jewet Sets out this morning for Ipſwich to  See his Son who lies at ye point of Death — pray haſ­ ten affairs about David we muſt go, D.V. next monday   I Shall uſe my Philoſophy to bind the Load on your  Thing — I Saw mr Jewet laſt thurſday at Mohegan  I talked with him of Occums affairs — he thinks yt the  Indians hold ye Land under ye governm.t & that the fee  ought to be in ye Govr.nmt & thinks they Sho'd be quite satiſfied  that it is Secured to ym by ye governm.t while they Shall  See fit to poſſeſs it — He fears leaſt ye Sachem Should Stick  his Tomahawk into Some body (fortaſſe Occum) I forgot to  deſire mr Occum to Send you in writing what tearms  would pleaſe him about ye Land. mr Jewet deſired him  to give in a written complaint againſt mr Clelland in  order yt he mi't write to ye Comſ.rs & they appoint Some  to hear & judg. &c — mr Occum S.d he would — Should  you not give me Some thing to Shew yt you deſire me  want that legaſy left by my hon.d father & that you deſire  me to receive it — it is given to your ^School^ on condition it goes on  & is like to proſper — Pleaſe to git this certified by Some one ^Juſtice &c;^, if  you think beſt — but let me have it this week — I don't know  what to write; take my heart & read it — I love you  all — mr Clelland wrote me, & mourns yt you did not go  down & try to make peace — we aull well 
N. Whitaker     
  To the  Rev.d  Eleazar Wheelock  At  Lebanon