Robert Clelland, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1764 January 21


abstractClelland writes an indignant letter complaining that the Mohegan sachem has denigrated Clelland's teaching. Clelland believes certain parties are angling to replace him with Occom.

handwritingHandwriting is formal and clear.

paperLarge single sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


  Revd Revd & Dr Sir 
O our Drunken Sechem has gone to mr Jewett with a  number of Complaints against me, too numerous to mention, but as  they are baſe and unjust., I am resolved to have the whole tribe  call’d, and all taken under the concideration of mr Jewett & Some  other ministers, Esqr Adam’s &c: for I will not ly under his Calum= =ny being conscious to my [illegible] Self, I am not only capable  but faithfull, and the fault of the desired Succeeſs, shall ly at the  right door; among other things he say’s you said you wonderd  my Children did not profitt liek yours. Sir can it be expected  that Children can make such profitiancy, when they are moſtly  from school, runing about under no Government, as Children  that are keept under the masters care night and day, Sure  I am you never would say so, as you have mentioned in your  Narrative the Contrary: God who is the Searcher of hearts, &c  him I apeal, that with sincerity & faithfullneſs (tho with much  weakneſs & imperfection) I have discharged my Duty; I am  capable to be of very great Service to this people if I meet  with proper incouragement, But we have a Sechem does  much hurt, goes about beging Cyder & Rum, geting drunk  and lying all night in Barn’s, enticeing & Seting bad example  before other / young / Indian’s, Going on contrary to all  Councill, advice, & reproof, Bold in sin, & trampling on the  Laws of God and man, as if he were above Law, minding  nothing that is good, all he is after, is the profits of Mohegan  to consume upon his lusts; Some intimations are made that  they want me out, in order mr Occum (who is coming here to  live), may keep School; It was but last spring mr Occum told  me that tho he came to live in Mohegan, he would not take  the School, but do all in his power to Support & incourage  it, if so I shall rejoice at his coming, I must observe that  the Sechem formerly commended my faithfullneſs beyond mr  Lethem at Nahantik & any children that comes from there —  on a viſitt, I can’t find reads near so well as mine; tho Had I  Children that would regularly attend, I would show what  I could doe, I Humbly Begg your answer and advice, May  God preserve you, Bliſs yr valuable consort, & make your  Children ornaments & uſefull my Spouſe joins me in our  regards to Madam Self & Children 
I am Revd ſir  yr most obedient Humle ſervt  Robert Clelland   
Aspow is not come home, I ly in Debt for  near 50/ for work & pork to him before he  went his miſsion  Robert Clelland 
NB I must accquent you, that I have invited the youth to come and  I would be as a Caticaist for them, I have a ſmal talent in that  respect, & take pleasure in it, but meet with no encouragement  in any good design, they are a Stiff:neked rebellious people  I reced yours by D Fouler ^after I wrote this^ and ſhall  accquent mr prince who shall wait your  conveniancy & Leiſure, as I said by march  I intend to have Esqr Adam’s mr Byles  mr Witteker to meet wt mr Jewett & to anſwer  [illegible]Ben’s imputations, & I wish you could  attend, I shall inform you the time of meeting   
Robert Clelland Jan.y 21st ^1764.^   
To  The Revd  Mr Eleazer Wheelock  minister of the Gospell  Lebanon