Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, letter, to the Honorable Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, 1763


abstractAn apparent draft of manuscript 764410.2, which informs the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge that, per its commission, a Connecticut board of correspondents has been formed, and officers have been elected. The Connecticut board proposes that the best prospect for furthering the Society's design lies with Wheelock’s Indian charity school, and that the board's intention is to employ Occom and Ashpo.

handwritingLoose and informal handwriting appears to be that of Solomon Williams. It is frequently difficult to discern letter case. There are several deletions and additions.

paperLarge sheet is in fair condition, with moderate creasing, yellowing and wear.

inkDark brown-black ink bleeds through to opposite sides of the paper.

noteworthyText of letter is identical to that of manuscript 764410.2, and this document appears to be a draft of that letter. In the Rauner Special Collections catalogue, this letter is erroneously attributed to Benjamin Pomeroy.

signatureNo signature.

To The Honle Society in Scotland for Propagating Chriſtian  Knowledge  Hon.d Sirs   
We take the Earlieſt oportunity  by direction of your bord of Correſpondents in the  Colony of Cont to Inform you that upon Receit of  your Commiſsion the Gentlemen namd there in met  in Lebn July 9 & Formd themſelves by Chooſing the  Proper Officers namd, in [illegible] to Enable them to act in  Capacity of your Correſpondents & appointed [illegible] a Comtee  to give you an act of [illegible]their doings & preſent proſpects  and in the firſt Place to Return their warm & ſincereſt  Thanks for the Honr you have done them in Com  miſsioning them to be Correſpedents of your Hon.le ſo  ciety. We Joyn our Earneſt Prayers with you & ſhall  by Gods Grace unite our fervent Labours to Promote the  Excellent Purpoſe your Pious hearts are set upon  the advancement of the Km of our Bleſed Redeemer  & speading the ſavour of his knwledge among them  who ſit in darkneſs & the Regions of the Shadow  of Death, the moſt glorious object of your & our atten tion. as the doing this will Serve alſo the Intreſt of  our King So there is one Circumſtance Peculiarly ob ligatory on us, that the Suceſs of it will be Greatly  beneficial to the Peace & hapS of our own Country  we humbly take Leave to Inform your Honle board  yt ye beſt Proſpect which at Preſant lies in our vi[illegible][guess: ew]  is In the School which has been for some time undr  the Care of the Revd Mr Wheelock. the State of which  & the Reſources which a Kind & Gracious Providence  has opend for its Support, as alſo the Accounts of ye  Reburſements of the Moneys Given, & the succeſs at  tending it untill — has been Sent  to you — & leſt it has faild Reachg you is now  sent here with and our Preſent Proſpects & purpoſes you  will See as follows. tho we have no aſsurance of Peace  with the Indians but Entertain strong hopes yt the  Preſent troubles will be brot to a Speedy Iſsue & are  ⅌ſwaded that when that Event happens it Concerns us to  be aSſs speedy as Poſsible in Exertg our utmoſt Endeavors  to Send the Goſpel ^as far as may be^ into the bowels of the ^Pagan^ Country of  the Six Nations if Poſsible before it is throngd with  unrighs Dealers Whoſe unbridled avarice threatens the  Greateſt 
miſchief to the Cauſe. we have voted to take the Revd  Mr Occom into our Service if he may be freed from a  Preingagemt to the London Commiſioners which we Ex pect may be without difficulty. we have alſo Referd  to our Comtee the sendg Samll Aſhpo a judicious & Pious  Indian who we when Providence ſhall open a door.  we have alſo the Pleaſure to Inform you that there are  [illegible]Eight ^or ten^ Indian youth in this School of Good Moral Character  well accompliſhd for School maſters Except their want of age  & fortitutude, we purpoſe to Send forth two or three of  theſe next Spring to Remote Tribes, Next Spring in  the Capacity of Schoolmaſters & Expect by the bleſsing  of God that in the Courſe of a year they will be  ſo far Maſters of ^acquinted with^ ye Cuſtoms, & Languages of thoſe na tions that it may be probly Expedient to ordain & purpose them as miniſters among them. we Expect  Mr Charles Jeoffry Smith will Return as ſoon as it will  be Safe for him on a miſsion to the Six Nations. —  & The Union of all thoſe in the Same plan we ap rehend will afford amore agreable proſpect than has  ever yet appeard of this kind. but theſe Things  we have determined upon without a Shilling in  Stock, Relying only on him whoſe the Earth is & the  fullneſs there of to Support the Same, who has hither  to appeard to own the Design & Increaſe it from Small  beginnings nor has Sufferd thoſe who have truſtd in him  to be aſhamed of their Confidence. — and we have ^doubt^  From ^conſidering^ the Great Charater ^Evidince^ of the Piety, & Generoſity of  your honle Society Stong hope ^we doubt not^ that when the Impor tance of this affair ſhall be maturely Conſidd by you  you will agreably to the Other Expreſsn of your  Pious Zeal do all that your wiſdom & Power Ena bles you to do to Render as Capable to Execute theſe  Great & Good Designs. as the Expected openings will  probebly Induce Miſsionaries, & Schoolmaſters to viſit the  Remoter Tribes than any of our Miſsionaries have  hitherto Reach.d & theſe miſsionaries mostly Indians we conceive  will give them more Convincg prooff of the  sincerity of our Intentions, & Incline them to Send their  Promiſing youth when Invited to Receive an Education  with us, ſo we hope the Honle Society will think  this Scool which subſiſts on no other Fund but the Care  & bounty of divine Providence to be an object worthy  of their Kind notice & attention Encourgment —