Samson Occom's Journal, 1761 September 15-October 22


abstractOccom details his travels over the course of September and October of 1761.

handwritingThe legibility of Occom’s usually clear handwriting is heavily mitigated by the poor condition of the paper.

paperSmall sheets folded into a booklet and sewn together with thread/twine are in poor condition, with heavy staining, yellowing, fading and wear. There is a hole in the bottom of one recto/verso.

inkBrown ink is heavily faded.

noteworthyThere are several uncrossed t's and crossed l's that have been corrected by the transcriber. An editor, likely 19th-century, has overwritten Occom’s hand in black ink; these edits have not been transcribed. On one recto, in the second line, the word beginning "Conn…" likely refers to an Oneida or Onondaga town. The town could possibly be: 1) Gannentaha, the site of a Jesuit mission among the Onondagas; 2) Kaunehsuntahkeh, a Tuscarora village east of Oneida creek; 3) Canasaraga, in the Onondaga territory near present-day Syracuse; or 4) Kauhanauka, a Tuscarora town. In several instances, it is uncertain as to whether a name refers to a person or place; these names have been left untagged. It is possible, however, that these uncertain names refer to inns or taverns and the names of their owners. Starting on the bottom of five verso and finishing on one verso, the phrase "Samson Occom of Mohegan" is written upside-down in large letters, indicating that Occom was reusing paper for the pages of this journal.

EventsOccom’s First Mission to the Oneidas

Sepr ye 15

I Sot out from  Conn[illegible]oo[illegible]ah by way  of Tuſcarora and took  my Leave of them a bout  10 O'C Several of the India^ns^  went with me to onoyda  got there about 1 in the  after-Noon — was kndly  Receivd by the onoydas 

Sabbath Sepr ye 20

Preachd  at onoyda a great Num  ber of the Indians Came to  gether from all of the Caſtle  to hear the word of god. I  Baptizd 3 Perſons —  at Night Several made  a Publick Confeſ[illegible][guess: te]on  three of the [gap: tear]Heads of ye  3 Caſtles [gap: tear][guess: ma]de a PC  and returnd thanks by a  Belt of Wampum &c — 

Monday Sepr ye 21 

I Left onoyda and  Several a Companyd  me to fort Herkermer.  my mare got away  from me at Night,  and did not find me  her till Fryday Juſt  Night,

Saturday Sepr  ye 26

we Sot away from  Fort Herkummers — got  about 4 miles below  Sir William Jahnſons 

Sabath Sepr ye 27

Sot  out very Early, and  got to Schenectady a  bout 10. went Meeting  with the People 
^[bottom]om of Mohegan^ 
hear^d^ mr Vroman Preach,  but I Cou'd not underſt[illegible][guess: d]  went to See the Preaſt  in the Evening and the  Next morning, he treatde^d^  very Kindly gave me  a Moha[illegible: [guess: q]]ue Book —  Sot ut out about 9 got  to Albany at 12  and Several Inſiſted upon ^my^  Saying at Albany the week  out, and to Preach on the  Sabbath, and I at Len^g^th  I Complyd with their Diſire 

Sabath octor ye 4

I Preachd  in the morning in the City  Hall, to Prebyterian Con‐ gregation, and in the af  ter Noon I Preachd in  the Engliſh Church—  Monday. Married a 
Cupple in Albany, had  3 Dolars Marrying. —  and the Pe  Sot out in the after  Noon towards Home, got  So far as Quemuns. — 

Tueſday. Octr ye 6

Sot  out very Early in the  Morning, and Reachd  to Kings Bridge at Night 

october ye 7

we Sot out  from the Kings Bridge very  Early in the Morning, and  about the Midle of the after  Noon my mare was about  Sli[illegible][guess: nk]ing her fold and we  were obliged to Put up  at [gap: omitted] 
Sot out very early in the  Morning for ward and [illegible]  Stop at Poughkeepſie to [illegible]  Preach in the Evening.  and about Candle Light  we began our Exerciſe in  the State Houſe and there  was a great Number of  People to attend, and at  tended very Seriouſly —  and they gatherd [illegible]  ^£^1: 7: 0. for me —; and they  were very Soliſcitous to  have me Stay the Sabbath  over but I Cou'd not to be  my Duty to Comply — 

Fryday Octr ye 9

we Sot  out from Poughkeepſie  Towards York. and got  So far as Rogers at Nig 
and so far as Roger's  at Night, and there turn'd  in.

Saturday Octr ye 10 

we Sot out very Early in  the Morning on our Jour‐ ney, and got So far as  Browns by Dobs's ferry, and  there turnd in, but met  with very Diſagreeable  Company,— 

Sabbath Octr ye 11

about  2 o'C in the after we Sot  out for N. York and by  way of White ^Sone^ Ferry and  Lodgd by the Ferry — 

Monday Octr ye 12

about  9 we got over upon Long  Islangd, and from there Sot  away for N York and  got into the City about 
Sot [illegible] went to M wells  and were very Kindly  Receiv'd, found them all  well & — Next Day went  to viſiting my Friends was  kindly Receivd by all — 

Fryday October ye 16

to‐ wards Night we went over  to Long Island [gap: faded] and to  Jamaca at Night, and 

Saturday Octr ye 17

Sot  Early in the Morning, and  got to Huntington at Nig[gap: stain]  and [illegible] kept Sabbath there 

Monday Ocr ye 18 

we Sot away homward  Got So far as Mulfords  at Night T 

Tueſday Ocr 19

Sot out  very Early in the Morning. 
and got Shenecock at  Night found the Indians  well. they were very glad  to See me once more, — 

Wedneſday Ocr 20

we went  off very Early in the Morng  got to Bridgehampton be‐ fore Night Lodg'd at Mr  Browns, my Friends were  Exceeding glad to See me 

Thirdſday Ocr 21

we  went on our Journey, got  to Mr Buell's at Eaſtham–  Some Time in the after  Noon, we were very 
Kindly receiv'd by all  my Friends, 

Fryday Ocr 22

went  on towards home, viſited  my Friends and Neighbou^rs^  all the way, got were  Extreamly well receivd by  them all, got home at  Night found my Poor  Family well except our  youngeſt Child. it had  been very Sick but it  was geting well, —  Thanks be to Almighty  god for goodneſs to us. 
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