Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Thomas Foxcroft, 1761 June 18


abstractWheelock writes of the mission of Occom and Fowler, and mentions the danger from Separatists who are preaching among the Indians.

handwritingInformal handwriting is mostly clear and legible, though there are several deletions and additions. The trailer is in a different hand.

paperSmall single sheet is in good condition, with light creasing, staining and wear.

inkBrown-black ink is somewhat blotchy, and there is moderate bleed-through from front to back.

noteworthyThis document is likely a draft. For related documents, see manuscripts 761360.1 and 761360.2. An editor, likely 19th-century, has added the note "Ind. Mis. (Seperates) June 1761" to the trailer. This note has not been included in the transcription.

EventsOccom’s First Mission to the Oneidas

Rev.d & Hon.d Sir,  
You will See By mine to M.r  Oliver that M.r Occom & David ſat out  on their Journey to the ſix Nations, on the  10.th ſep.t Gen.l Lyman very freely & fully  recommended the Deſign of Educating a  Number of Mohawke Youth for Interpreters  &c. to Sir W.m Johnſon.  As to the Petition of the Onohoquaghe Chiefs  to have the Bible tranſlated into their Languag[gap: worn_edge][guess: e]  which I have encloſed to M.r Oliver, I have  made all the Inquiry which I have had Oppor‐ ‐tunity for, ^and fear it will be Difficult to find^ but can hear of None who is in any  Meaſure^any man^ equal to theſuch ^a^ [illegible: [guess: job]]Taſk. If there be Such any  be any it is pritty likely that M.r Occom after his  Rambles among them will be able to ^inform^ give the  Hon.le Com̅iſs.rs Information of him.
By all acco.ts there is at preſent a very uncommon  Concern, & Deſire to be inſtructed in Several Parts  near Seſquaana River. And I am fully perſuaded  there are Endeavours used, (and I fear will be  effectual) to introduce a number of our wild  Separates & lay Exhorters among them, and I  fear they will introduce ſuch as are much  more dangrous than Sam.l Aſhpo. (of whom  I have wrote to M.r Hawley incloſed. ^unſeald^ to M.r  Oliver.) ſeveral things have concurrd to to  perſuade me that there is ſuch a Deſign. M.r Aſhley ^[below]is^  
[left]Lett.r to M.r Foxcroft  Boston
is very buſie among them from one End of  the Government to the other [illegible]d I dont  underſtand that any but that party know  What his Buſineſs is, ^and^ many words have been  unguardedly drop'd by that Party which diſcover  that they are knowing to ſuch a Deſign, &c.  I proposed to M.r Williams Yesterday whether  it be not expedient to ſend forth a Number  of prudent Judicious zealous Miniſters ſpeedily  among them & let them make the best they  can of Such Interpreters as may be had. and  move for a Contribution through the Govern‐ ment for their Support. M.r Williams  well approved of the Motion, but what will  be done about it I can't tell. People in these  parts ^ſeem^ are Generally aſleep ^& unaffected about it^ The Leave of the  Gov.r And Council must be had. and when they  will be togather is uncertain. perhaps a Lettr  from You might be of ſpecial ſervice.—  M.r Whitaker lately inſtalled at Norwich Landing  I ^eſteem^ as well turnd for the Buſineſs of a Miſsion  among them as any of my Acquaintance.
Perhaps it will not be ſo well y.t it should be  known by the Separates that they are suspected  to be upon ſuch a Deſign, or that there are any  Proposals in Opposition to them. and with this  [illegible: Riſk]^Caution^ you may make juſt [illegible]ſuch Improvement  of this Letter you please.
I am, Rev.d & Hon.d ſir,  with the ſincereſt Duty and Reſpect  Your Son in the Gospel  Eleazar Wheelock  Rev. Tho.s Foxcroft