Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Sir William Johnson, 1761 June 9


abstractWheelock introduces David Fowler and Samson Occom, and asks that six more boys from the Six Nations be brought by them to Wheelock for an education.

handwritingInformal hand is small, slanted and, given the amount of deletions and additions, occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperLarge single sheet is in fair condition, with moderate staining, creasing and wear. The central crease is reinforced, and there is evidence of a tear having been taped over.


noteworthyThis document appears to be a draft.

The Barer David Fowler one of my Indian  Schollars, in Company with the Revd Samſon Occom  Now waits upon your Honour, purſuant to the Deſire  and by the Direction of the Honourable Comm̅iſsrs of the  Honle Society in Scotland for Propagating chriſtian  Knowledge. and aſks your Honours Direction and  aſsiſtance to procure Six likely male youth of the  Six nations to be conducted hither to the School  under my Care for an Education in ſuch Parts of  Learning as may be ^render them^ moſt useful among their Tribes  and perticularly to be fitted for Interpreters.
The Honle Comm̅iſsrs have granted a Support for Three  the Other Three I take at my own Risque.
They Muſt Expect to be Subjet to the Government  of the School as Engliſh Youth in it are, and if they  ^[left]be^ orderly & Diligent they will find it an Eaſy one^government^ but  if Otherwiſe they will not, they muſt expect to be  ſent back to make way for others who will prize  and ^[illegible]^ Improve [illegible] the Previlidge.
I truſt you have before now Rec.d the Letters  from Gen.l Lyman & myſelf which I ſent forward  Some Days ago. and that you will approve and  gladly promote the Deſign. M.r Occom Can give  you a more full account of the affair.
I ſhould be glad to have it accompliſhd as ſoon  as may be that David might return with them  to his Studies. I am with much Reſpect   
Your Honrs Moſt Obed.t  & moſt Humble Servant  Eleazar Wheelock   
Gen.l Johnſon  The Hon.leS.r W.m Johnſon Baron.t
Letter to Genl. Johnson by David Fowler June 9, 1761