Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Mr. Whitefield, 1759 November 3


abstractWheelock writes of the progress at his school, and of the conditions under which he looks for more Indian pupils as well as public charity. He also mentions the ordination of Occom.

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EventsOccom’s Ordination

  Rev.d & dear sir//   
Yours of March 7th was very wellcome to me  We are Still purſuing the Affair of our Charity ſchool in  Favour of the poor periſhing Pagans, And with More Courage  than ever. God has indeed wrought like himſelf for his  ſinfull people this laſt Year — By a Surprizing Siries of  Succeſses granted to the britiſh arms and every ſtep calculated  and evidently Circumſtanced to ſecure all the Glory to his own  great [illegible: [guess: Name]], he has opend and is opening Such a Door for the  grand Deſign in view as almoſt perſwades my Infidel Heart  to believe that the Time for calling the poor Creatures into his  Trinity and Kingdom is juſt at Hand and if his Majeſty arms  Shall Still, according to the preſent faireſt humane Probability, be  ſucceſsfull to the full Accompliſhing the Deſign of Diſpoſeſsing  the French in this Land, we perſwade ourſelves the Proſpect will  be Such as will invite all far & near who love our Lord Jesus  Chriſt in Sincerity to put to a helping Hand. —  My dear little Jacob I have Sent to y.e College in New Jerſie  &I underſtand he is kindly treated, and perticularly y.t Preſident  Davies is much pleaſd with him — I have now four Indian  Boys with me, Three of which will likely, if their Health will  allow them a cloſe application to their Books, be well fitted  for College by next Commence'ment & I am Daily Expecting  two Mohawke Boys from the Mohawkes by the Mediation  of dear Meſsrs Pomeroy & Brainerd Chaplains in the Army a[gap: worn_edge][guess: t]  Crown Point, who have ingagd to procure them if poſibly they can  get opportunity to conſult Gen.l Johnſon & can find leaſure to attend  upon it I apprehend while the Engliſh Arms prevail there will  be no manner of Dificulty to obtain as many as we pleaſe for the  Purpose I am certifyed by good Authority y.t great num-  -bers of them are deſirous to have their Children taught  if we had means o for their Support we might have of their  Children by Scores, and well chosen for the Purpoſe
I have been put to Difficulty to get a good writing Maſter  The Boys I now have are not equal in their writing to ſome  other parts of learning however, I Send You a Specimen ſuch  as it is and hope by & by now I have got my dear M.r Trumble  to teach y.e School I Shall be able by & by to let You See that  they make Proficiency in it.
It is a bad time to aſk for y.e Charities of People in this  Country, our People you know are but few of them Rich —  our publick Taxes by Reaſon of ye war are very high, &  many put to Difficulty to Subſiſt comfortably under their Burthen  And great Numbers have yet freſh in their minds the Ravages, Murthers  and Cruelties perpetrated by the Indians, many of these want a Better  Temper than to breath out nothing but Slaughter & Deſtruction for  them. A good Example of Liberality from Home. May and  likely would animate many Godly People among us to imitate  them. And I cant but hope y.t if our means were ſuch as that we cod  ^[left]begin^ to Support a large Number, the Continuation of ſupply for them wo.d ^[below]not^
Not be more difficult than now it is for a few. There  would then be that which would juſtify Importunity in Begging  as well as more Strongly invite to Liberality.  I hope my dear little Jacob, if God Shall mercifully con-  -tinue him, will by & by charm the Nation into ſoftneſs  Love & Benevolence —
We are not carefull under what name, or in what perticular  ſhape this Deſign be proſecuted So be it, it be purſued to Effect  at preſent and till our publick Affairs are more Settled we determine  to purſue it, & make the beſt of it we can as a Charity School  and it may be Experience will ſhew us that there will be no  need of any other Foundation.
M.r Occom the Long Island Indian is Ordaind (I hear)  by y.t Preſbytery, and is invited to accept a Miſion am-  -ong the Cherockees whether he accepts or not I havt heard  I conclude the grand objection is his want of Health.
Religion in general with us, is at a low Ebb. I hear  but little of Conviction or Converſion-work going on any  where. Preſident Clap is quite zealous for the truth.  And College affairs wear a much better Face than they did  Several have been under deep Convictions & I hope ſome  ſavingly Converted there, & Numbers in y.t town the laſt year  dear Sir, I dont till you in this how glad I ſhould be to ſpend  one Day with You. A Thouſand thing I wo.d ſay if you could  have Patience with my ſlow way of Communicating, which  would tire me to write or you to Read. but in perticular  we would talk over the many and Great Arguments and motives  ^[left]w.c^ y.e preſent openings of Dive Providce in favor of ye Indian Affair  preſent us to awaken our Zeal, and to wage upon others to  Excite them to exert themſelves in an affair which ye Heart  of the great Redeemer is infinitely ſet upon. can we be con-  -tent to let ſuch an opportunity ſlip when we know not how  ſoon nor how fatally if ^door^ may be ſhut — or can we be content  to looſe any time when ſo many depend upon our doing  and ſo great Intereſts are ſo nearly concerned in it  I depend you will use ^as Providence directs^ your Influence in Fav.r of the  Deſign as you have opportunity and y.t You will let  me hear from You as often as you and ^Dear ſir^ that you will  remember in Your Neareſt Approaches to God,
Yours in the Deareſt Bonds  Eleazr Wheelock 
P.S. Mrſs Wheelock Joynis in Salutations to You &  Your Dear Spouse.—  Rev. George Whitefield.
Letter to M.r Whitefield  Date: Nov.r 3. 1759.
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