Andrew Oliver, report, 1758 November 14


abstractAndrew Oliver forwards to Wheelock the recommendation of the The New York/New Jersey Board of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge regarding Occom’s ordination and the options for Occom’s future employment.

handwritingUnknown hand is formal and clear. The trailer is in a different, unknown hand.

paperWide sheet folded in half is in good conditon, with minimal staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyThis document is on the same sheet of paper as manuscript 758554. As noted on the document, it is a (contemporary) copy. It is uncertain to which board of commissioners the trailer refers.

EventsOccom’s Ordination

At a Meetg of the Comiſ.rs 
Voted. That the Treasurer transmit to the  Rev:d Mr Wheelock of Lebanon a Copy of the Vote  of the Correspondent Commiſsioners of the Society  &c paſsed 27 Sep.t 1758 at Naſsau Hall N Jersey.  — That He and the aſso[illegible]ciated Ministers in that  Neighbourhood may consider of the Expediency  of Sampson Occum's Removal to New Jersey.
That they be inform'd— If they should be of  opinion that it would be best, he should remain  where he is, and that he can serve the Indians  at Long Island in capacity of a Preacher as well  as of a Schoolmaster, the Commiſsioners would  augment his Allowance; altho' they cannot  consistent with their other Engagements  make an Establishment for Him as an  Ordained Pastor.
Copy examd  A Oliver, Treas.r
Commiſsioners Votes 1758