Samuel Buell and James Brown, recommendation of Occom, 1758 March 21


abstractBuell and Brown, ministers of Long Island, recommend Occom and commend his work with the Montauk Indians.

handwritingFormal and legible.

paperLong sheet, yellowed, with moderate wear at creases.

inkLight brown and faded in spots.

noteworthyTrailer is in Wheelock’s hand.

signatureTwo signatures, in two different hands.

EventsOccom’s Mission to the Montauketts

We the Subſcribers Miniſters of the  Goſpel upon the Eaſt-End of Long-Iſland, having had  intimate perſonal Acquaintence with Mr Sampſon Occum,  who for a Number of Years paſt, hath officiated in the Char­ ­acter of a School-Maſter at Montauk, and of late in Conjuncti^on^  there-with, as ^a^ licenſed Preacher of the Goſpel —  By theſe Preſents greeting, would certefy all whom it may  concern, that we have neither obſerved, nor ever heard of the leaſt  Shadow of moral Scandal that he has been guilty of; but  so far as we have Knowledge, has in the Character of a  Chriſtian, School-Maſter, and Preacher of the Goſpel, behaved  Well, even so, as to be an eminent Orniment to Religion.—
And we take the Liberty to add, that with much Pleaſure  We behold the good Effects of his Sedulous Labours amoung the  Indians, — The Children and young-People amoung them, have  in general, by his Tuition, learnt to read, and many of the^[inline]m^^m^ well  to Admiration; and alſo to Sing the Praiſes of God in a [illegible]regular Manner.  The elder People have had the Bible read to them in their own  Language, and by means of Mr Occum have greatly improved in  in doctrinal Knowledge. The Worſhip of God; has been kept up,  and religious Services in a regular Manner perform'd on the Lords -day — and alſo occaſionally, during the Sojourning of M.r Occum with  them. He has been happeily Inſtrumental of preventing the Increaſe  of diviſive and Seperating Principles — and the train of miſchevious  Conſequences.— In fine, he has recommended Religion to them, by Word  and Example.— And we have Reaſon to hope, that God has been  pleaſed, eſpecially of late, to crown his Labours with deſierable Succeſs,  to the awakening of Many — and the hopeful real Converſion of Some.—  And we Shall heartily rejoyce, and acquieſce in his receiving ^Proper^ Authority,  and Encouragement to proceed in Preaching the Goſpel, as God in his  Providence may open a Door therefor. Commending our Indian Brother  to the Divine Direction, Protection, and Bleſsing, in Teſtimony of what  We have now writen,
we Subſcribe   Saml Buell  James Brown    Eaſt-hampton March ye 21  AD 1758  For Mr Occum 
Rev. Meſsrs Buell & Brown  Recom.n of M.r Occom.   1758.