Andrew Oliver, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1757 November 28


abstractOliver writes that he does not approve of an ordination for Samson Occom at present, since only the Niantics would benefit. There is no allowance now for a new mission.

handwritingVery formal, neat and clear.

paperModerate-to-heavy creasing and staining. Some tearing around remnants of seal, leading to minor loss of text.


Rev:d Mr Wheelock   S:r 
The important Affairs of the  General Court now sitting, require the At= tendance of so many of the Com̅iſsioners  that I despair of their meeting to consider  of the Contents of your Letter, while the  Bearer remains in Town. I can therefore  only give you my private Opinion, that  I think it would not be convenient to  ordain Sampson Occum at present, while  it seems that the Nihantic Indians only  are like to reap the benefit of his Services:  for as that is the case, it is a question  whether or no it is not calling him off  from a Service, wherein he is already full  as useful. There is another reason which  determines me for a delay, and that is,  that there is no Allowance stipulated for 
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this new Miſsion: and before that can  be done the Comiſ Sho:d know what it is  he expects, and be likewise acquainted  with the importance of the Miſsion and  its extensiveneſs among the Indians.   
I am   S.r Yo:r very humle Ser.t Andw Oliver 
Hon. A.[gap: tear] Oliver's Lettr  Nov.r 1757—   
To the Revd  M:r Eleazer Wheelock  At  Lebanon