Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to A. Oliver, 1757 November 9


abstractWheelock writes about Occom's ordination, and speculates as to the where he will ultimately preach.

handwritingRelatively tidy, with few deletions and additions.

paperLarge sheet is folded lengthwise in thirds, then in half horizontally. It is in good condition, with light creasing, yellowing and wear.

EventsOccom’s Mission to the Montauketts, Occom’s Ordination

Hon.d ſir//   
Purſuant to ye vote of ye Hon.le Com̅iſsrs Nov.r 12. 1746.  we ſent to Samſon Occom, who was detaind after he rec.d our  Litter by a Breedg ſore on his Thigh, 'till abo.t Wheat Harveſt  wn he came and agreably as we underſtood ye deſire of  ye Honle Comiſs.rs we Deſired ye Neighbourg min.rs of ye  County of Windham viz the Rev. Meſsrs Solomon Williams  of Lebanon, Steph. White of Windham & Nathn Strong of Co­  ­ventry to meet and accordgly we [illegible][guess: five] Examn.d & approved  ſd Occom as a Preacher of ye Gos. to his [illegible][guess: Nation] but in  order to his being ordaind with particular Prefference  to ye parties of Indians upon ye Main, as we tho't it  probably beſt he sho.d be, we tho't it Exped.t to get a more full and  certain Knowledge of their ſtate & eſpecially of y.e Affection towards him  and y.t a Journey for y.t Purpose was neceſsy. Accordingly M.r Pomeroy  and I viſited viſited & preachd at Mohigan & Nihantuc but it happned  at a Time of ye year when moſt of ye men were gone Abroad to  Labour & could not be together till ye ſabbath, wherefore we thot beſt,  having communicated ye affair to ye Rev. Meſsrs Griswold & Jewitt  to have a more full inquiry ^into it^ with them, Who since inform us y.t  ye Indians at Nihantuck unanimouſly desire M.r Occom may be  ordaind and to Enjoy as large a ſhare of his Labours as may be
The Indians at Mohegan thro the Influence of ſeparate Teachers  are divided however they were pritty unanimous to deſire he might  come among them y.t ya might ha' more Knowledge of him & his gifts &c  where upon I ſent to M.r Occom informing him of ye state of ye affair  and yt it seemd best he shod make them a visit & pray & preach ſome  time with them but my Litter faild & he is not yet come, I have wrote  again and Expect, if he be well, he will come ſoon   Pleaſe ſir to inform us by Cap.t Cushman if we have in anything miſ­ taken ye mind of y.e Hon.le Comiſsrs and whether they Expect we will proceed  to ordain him without further Directions & inſtructions from them   I am with much Reſpect, Hond ſir
Your Honrs moſt Obedt & moſt Humble ſerv.t Eleaz.r Wheelock   
To The Hon.le Andrew Oliver Esq.r   
Lett.r to The Hon.le A. Oliver Esq.r  Nov.r 9. 1757