Samson Occom, journal, 1757 June 28 to 1761 March 31


abstractOccom details his travels throughout Long Island and New England, as well as his ordination and the events leading up to it. He takes his son Aaron to be raised by Wheelock.

handwritingHandwriting is clear and legible. There are several uncrossed t’s and crossed l's, which the transcriber has corrected.

paperSeveral small sheets folded into a booklet and bound with thread or twine are in good condition, with light staining and wear.


noteworthyWhen Occom mentions an “Indian Town,” or "Indian Place," he is likely referring to Indian villages associated with each place that he visits; specifics are uncertain and so these places have been left untagged. On five verso, the Latin exegesis translates to: "Whether a heathen/pagan who never hears the gospel, may obtain eternal salvation," or, in more colloquial Calvinist terms, "If a heathen never hears the gospel, can he be saved." An editor, likely 19th-century, has overwritten the journal in spots; these overwrites have not been transcribed.

EventsOccom’s Ordination, Occom’s Mission to the Montauketts

Samson Occom  1757 - 1760
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Tueſday June ye 28 AD: 1757

I Sot out from Montauk for N.  England, in order to Paſs an Ex‐ amination there &c — And wed‐ neſday Morning I Sot out from  Eaſthampton, with the Revd  Mr Pomroy and Woodbrige and  others, Down to Northweſt, &  about 12 o C. we went aboard of  Mr Dayton, and emediately  weighted Anchor, and Spread ^Sail^  to the Winds, and ^a^way towards  New-England Shores, and we  got to the Mouth of Seabrook  [illegible] Harber about 9 at Night, and  for Fear of the Flats, we Dropt  Anchor at a Diſtance from Shore  and there taried all Night,  and in the Morning of the 29 30 Jue  we a Roſs, and weighted [illegible]  Anchor, and [illegible][guess: P]at to Shore, and  Mr Pomroy and the two young  Women went a Shore, and I  Shifted aboard of another Boat 
whoſe owner was one Mr Horton  who Came Down fr the River  from up Country, and was  removing With his Family  to Stoningtown — And he Sot  me a Shore at Black-Point  and I went to Indian Town —  and found My Friends generaly  well — and taried at my Aunt  Juſtice's that Night —

Fryday  Morning Junely ye 30th ^1st^

I Sout out  from Nahantick, for Mohegan  and got there at Night to  Mothers, and found all my  Relitives in good Health &c —  and there kept the Sabbath —  and Monday July ye 4, I went  from Mohegan for Lebanon  [illegible] and got there to Mr Wheelock's  Juſt before Sun Set, and was  very kindly Receiv'd, and found  them all in good Health — and  after a Little Converſation, 
Mr Wheelock Concluded, and appoin^ted^  the 12th Inſt to be the Day of my  Examination, at his Houſe —  and Emediately Sent and gave  Notice, and Deſired the aſſistan^ce^  in the Examination, of 5 Neigh‐ bouring Miniſters, viz, Mr Solo:  Williams of Lebanon old Society  and Mr Benjn Pomroy of Hebron  and Mr Nathan Strong of New Coven‐ try, and Mr Stephen White of  Wi^n^dham, and Mr Saml Moſley  of Canada

Tueſday July ye 12

Expected the Gentlemen to attend  the Examination, But we were  Diſapointed ^the Voice of one Crying^, — there ^was^ none Come,  But the Revd Mr Pomroy, —  we Judg'd the Weather Hinder'd  them, it being wet Day, — and  Mr Wheelock and Mr Pomroy  Conſider'd the Matter, and Con‐ cluded to Send [illegible] to the Miniſters  that Day — to Come together on  the next Day, which was the 13  of July, at the Houſe of the 
the Revd Mr Williams, and  accordinly they Come together  about one o.C PM — and  there I Paſs'd an Examination  Before the Revd Me[illegible][guess: n]ſrs Solomon  Williams Eleazer Wheelock  Benjamin Pomroy Nathan Strong  and Stephen White, — and they ^were^  ^So far^ Satiſfied, as to Conclude to pro‐ ceed, to and ordination hereaf‐ ter &c — And Juſt before Sun  Set I went Down towards Mohe‐ gan, and got So far as Norwich  farms, and taried at the Houſe  of one Deacon Huntington, a —  Tavern keeper, —

Thirdſday July  ye 14th

I ^went^ on my Journey and  got to Mohegan about 11. o'C  AM, and found my Relitives  well in [illegible] General,

July ye 15th

my Brother and I went Down to  N. London in a Conoo, — and I taried  there that Night, —

Saturday  July the 16th

I went aboard of one  Daviſe Williams of StoningTown 
and we got to Maſons Island  Some time in the after Noon,  and there I Stay'd over the  Sabbath, —

Monday July ye 18th

[illegible] bout 1 in the after Noon we  went aboard again, and Sot  Sail, for Fiſhe's Island and got  there Some time after Sun Set,  and Tueſday July ye 19th we Sot  Sail very Early for Long Island  and we tailed all the Day in  the Sound, and Some time in  ye Night we got Near by Gardener's  Island, and there we Dropt An‐ chor, and Taried all Night —

Wedneſday Morning July ye 20th

we  weighed Anchor and Hoiſted Sail  and Steered towards Napeeg Harber, and Reachd there abou^t^  10 in the Morning, ^there I went a Shore^ and then  I went by Land to Montauk, and  I got home about 2 PM, and  found my Poor Family in Comfort  able Circumſtances, — Praiſe be  to god for his Tender Mercies to us  ward —

May ye 7th AD: 1759 —

I Sot out from montauk for Eaſt‐ hampton, In order to go over to New  England, with Some Expectation of  Paſsing an Ordernation there, and  Lodg'd at Mr Hedges that Night —

Tueſday Morning May ye 8

we  went Down to Northweſt, and I  Taried there at the Houſe of one  Mr [illegible]Ebenezer Hedges that Night  and Wedneſday the May ye 9 we  went aboard of mr Dayton, and  Croſst the Sound, and got over a-  about 9 at Night, and we  Lodg'd at my Aunt Juſtice's Houſe —

Thirdſday May the [illegible] 10th

we  Sot out very Early in the Morning  for Mohegan, and got there before  Sun Set, at my Mother's,

Fyday  May the 11

I went from Mohegan  for Lebanon, got there Some Time  before Sun Set, found Mr Wheeloc^k^ 
Wheelocks Family very Poorly  with the Meaſels Eſpecially our  David

May the 15

the Revd Aſſociation  Sot at Mr Wheelocks Houſe, &  Conſulted my Caſe, and Conclude^d^,  ^and^ to to Referd my ordernation to the  Revd Preſpetery on Long-Island  and Accordingly wrote, and Re‐ fer'd [illegible] me to the Revd P[illegible]reſpetery  on Long Is[illegible]land, —

Thirdſday May ye 17th

Return'd  to the Island, and Stopt att  Mohegan and kept the Sabath  there with Indians —

Monday May ye 21

we went  Down to New-London, and tari‐ ed there that Night —  and Tueſday May ye 22 we  went a Board of Mr Gardeners  Boat, of Isle of White, got [illegible] to 
to the Island after Sun Set, and  we Taried there Two Nights —

Thirdſday May ye 17

we went  over to the Fire Place, got there  about 1 o'C in the after Noon,  from thence I went to Town, got  there about 3 in the after Noon  & I Deliver Revd Aſſociation's Letter to Mr Buell

Fryday May ye 18

I went home  to Montauk, Go[illegible]t there about  Noon, and found my Poor Family  wiell, and Moſt of Neighbours  Praiſe be to god there fore —  after this I heard the Revd  Preſpetery on long-Island Receiv'd  the Letter, — and Apointed the  29 of Auguſt 1759 for my orderna‐ tion — and they Sent a Text to  me out of 72 Pſalm the 9 wverſe 
^8^ they yt Dwell in the Wilderneſs  Shall bow before him —  and alſo an Exegeſis — in theſe  words — An Ethnicus qui Evan‐ gelium Nunquam Audiat, Eter‐ [illegible]nem Salutem otinere Poſit  And the Apointed Time Being Come  I appear'd before the Revd Preſpetry  at Eaſthampton, and Paſs'd an  Examination —, and Thirdſday Augt  ye 30th in the after Noon the Revd  Preſpetery Procee[illegible]ded in Solemnity  of my ordernation, the Revd Mr   Buell of Eaſthampton, made the  firſt Prayer, and Preach'd from  Gal. 1.16, and the Revd Mr  Brown of Bridghampton Deman- ded my Pu[illegible]plick Aſſent to the  Chriſtian Doctrines and the Arti‐ cles of Faith, which I did — — 
then Emediately Proceeded to ye  Impoſition of the Hands — the  Revered Mr Brown Preſided,  made the ordernation Prayer;  the Revd M.r Barker of South  Hole Gave the Right Hand  of Fellowſhip; and the Revd  Mr Prime of Huntington Gave  the Charge and made the laſt  Prayer, thus the Solemnity End‐ ed. Laus te Deum

Montauk Ocr ye 8 AD: 1759

I Sot out from Montauk for the  old Mans where the Preſbytery was  to Set and Mr Reeves was to be ord ain'd, and got So far as Sebaunuck  and Preach'd there and taried all  Night among the Indians,

Tueſday  ocr ye 9

I Sot out very Early on my  Journey, and got to the old mans  about O'C PM, and went Directly 
to Meeting, Mr Brown of BridgHamp^n^  P 'd from Prov. 11.30, and Taried  one Mr Miller's where the Preſbytery  Sot — Thirſday Morning the Preſbyr  brock up, the Miniſters Diſparſd a bout 11 in the Morning, and I went  down to South, and got to Maſtick  about 4 PM found the Indians  very Sickly, Preach'd to them at  Evening, they Seem'd to give very  good atention —

Fryday Ocr ye 12

I  Sot out from Maſtick very Early in  the Mo[illegible]rning, homeward, and got ſo  far as Mr Browns at BridgHamp^n^  and Tarried there all Night, — and  Saturday Ocr ye 13 about 9 I Sot out  from thence, onward and got Home  little after Sun Set, and found  my Poor Family in Health[illegible]  Praiſe be to God —

April ye 1 1760

went to Smith town where the  Preſbytery was to Set, and  got So far as Connoo Place 
that Night, and Tueſday  April the 2 Sot out early  in the Mornig, and got to  Smith Town about 4 O.C  P M. and Wedneſday the Pre^s^  Sot at Esqr Philip's, and  Thurſday about 3 O.C in the  the Preſbytery Broke up  and I imedately Sot out  from thence to Mr Reeve's  at South and got there Juſt  about Day light in, and  was Kindly Receiv'd by  Mr Reeve, and Fryday  April the 4 I away from  thence homeward and got  So far as Mr Brown's at  Night and there I met with  Mr Horton and we taryed  there all Night 
and Saturday April the  5 about 9 o. c in the morng  we took Leave of one anothe^r^  and I Home about Son Set  and all well at Home —

April ye 26 AD: 1760

a Number of us went from  Montauk in our Whale Boat  for New England, and got  over to N London about ^3^ PM  and Stopt there till Juſt  before Son Set and then  we Sot out from thence  for Mohegan and got there  about 9 at Night fou‐ nd my Relatives all well

Sabath April ye 27

kept the  Sabbath at Mohegan with  the Indians I Preach'd Both  Parts of the Day found nothing  Special among them —

Monday April ye 28

my Wife  and Father Fowler and I  and my Little Son Aar[illegible]on  went to Lebanon to MSee  Mr Wheelock, and we got  there before Night found all  well, and Deliver up my  Lettle Son Aaron to the Revd  Mr Eleazer Wheelock to be  Brought [illegible]up by him —

Tueſday Aprill ye 29

we  Returnd to Mohegan again  and got there before Night  and Stay'd at Mothers yt  Night

Wedneſday April ye 30

about 9 in the Morning we  Sot out from thence towar^ds^  home and got So far as N  London and there Stay'd at  Cap:t Shaw's yt Night

Thurſday AprilMay ye 1

we  Sot away from N London  for Home and get no further  than Harbers Mouth and  Stay'd all Night at one Mr  Harris's Coopper Houſe, and

Fryday May ye 2

we Sot  Sail very Early in the morng  from thence and got upon  Montauk Shore about 10  in the Morning and found  all well &c —

June the 25 ^may ye 18^ AD: 1760

I Preach'd  at Eaſthampton, —

Saturday May ye 24

I went from  Montauk for Weſtward, and got So far  as Mr Brown's and there kept the  Sabbath, with Mr Brown and re‐ ceived the Sacred Supper of the Lord with  the People of Bridgehampton

w Monday may ye 25

Mr Brown &  I went together weſtward, and we 
we got to Quaugg and Lodg'd [illegible]at one  Mr Howell's that Night, and Tueſday  May ye 26 we Sot out from thence  on ward and got to Smithtown at  Night and Lodg'd with one Juſtice  Phillips over the River, Wedneſday  may ye 27 we Sot away from thenc^e^  about 9 in the Morning, and got  to Huntington about 1 in the after  Noon, and the People had gone to  meeting, and we went directly to meeting  and heard Mr Reeve of South, — after  meeting we Return'd to Mr Pri[illegible][guess: m]e's wher^e^  the Preſbytery Sat, and Examin'd two  young Men in order to ordination —  Nex day finiſh'd the examinations  with them, and then emediately went  to the Houſe of god and Proceeded to in  the Prelimminaries of ^the^ ordernation,  Mr Brown Preach'd the ordernation  Sermon, Mr Prime made the ordirna‐ t[illegible][guess: e]on Prayer Dureing the impoſſion  of hands upon Mr Barrat. and  Mr Brown made the Prayer dure‐ ing the Impoſiſtion of Hands upon  Mr Smith, and Mr Prime gave ye  Right hand of Fellowſihp and ye  ca[illegible][guess: r]ge, and Mr Occom made 
the Concluding Prayer  Fryday may ye 30 the Preſby‐ tery Brok up about ^10^ in the morn  and the Miniſters Diſperſd emme‐ diately, I Preach'd at Huntington  in the after Noon, and towards  Night I went to oiſter Bay, —  Saturday may and Taried at  Widow Wicks, and Saturday  may the 31 I Preach'd at oiſter- Bay, from 16. 13.

Sabbath June ye 1

I Preach'd there  there again all Day from Eph 5.14  and Can.t 5.16.

Monday ye 2

I return'd from oiſter  Bay, got to Huntington about 11  AM. and about 1 in the after N  I Sot out from thence Homeward  got to Smithtown Juſt before Sun  Sot and Taried at Juſtice Philli^ps^  Wm Phillips's that Night, and  Tueſday June ye 3 Preach'd at  Smithtown began about 10 AM  from Rev. 22.12 and after meet‐ ting I went Down to Seetauket  and Preach'd there that after Noon  from Matt. 22.42 Taried at  Mr Tallmadge's that Night

M Wedneſday June ye 4.

So[illegible]tt out  from Mr Tallmadges about 9 AM.  and went Down to South, and got  to Mr Hedges's about 12 o.c. and  Ta[illegible]ried there about one Hour and- half, and then Sot away from thence  Eaſtward and got the Indian Place  Juſt before Sun Set, and had a  Short Diſcourſe with them in the  Evening,

Thurſday June ye 5

I  gave a word of exhortation to the  Indians, very Early in the morning  and then took Leave of them, and  Journied Eaſtward and got So  far as South Hampton, and there  Taried all Night with one Mr  Steph[illegible]en Foſter, and was very kind ly Entertaind, —

Fryday Morning  June 6.

was very Stormy Weather  and [illegible]it was[illegible] Faſt Day with  the Southhamptoners, and I went  to meeting with the [illegible]People in the  fore Noon, and heard Mr White 
Preach from Levit 26. 40.41.42  In the after Noon ithe Storm mode‐ rated, and went on my Journey home ward, went ^to^ See [illegible] Mr Pane and Mr  Brown by the way, and So Paſs on  and I got to Eaſthampton Juſt be‐ fore Sun Set met with Mr Buell  who had Juſt got home from the  Main, Brought a Tragical News  Concerning a [illegible]Young Woman —  I Lodg'd at Mr Buell's,

Satur‐ day June ye 7

Sot away from  Eaſthampton for home, and got  to Montauk about 3.o.c in the  After Noon, and found all well at  Home, &c —

Monday Sepr ye 1 1760

I Sot  out from Montauk with John  Harris of N: London, for New-  England, and we got a Shore at  N. London Harbers Mouth Tueſday  mor^n^cing — and from thence I Sot awa^y^  by Land for mohegan [illegible] and got there  Juſt after Sun Set, and found all 
all my Relations well in general  at mohegan, and Stayed there two  Days,

Fryday Sepr ye [illegible]5

Sot  out from Moh^e^gan for Lebanon  got there Juſt before Sun Set,  found all well as Common at Mr  W[illegible]heelock's, And Saturday Sepr.  ye 6 David Fowler an accompand.  me to Farming Town, and we got  there about Juſt after Sun Set  and there we found our Friends  Some from Mohegan Some from  Nahantick and Some from Groton.  and we held a Meeting at one Solo‐ mon's Houſe, I Deliverd a Short diſ‐ cource to them,

Sabath Day Sepr  ye 7

we Met g together again at  the Same Houſe, I Preachd to them  again, [illegible]Monday Sepr ye 8  we Sot out from thence Hoſme‐ ward, and I got to Mr Pomroy's  at Night and I Taried there  but David went to Mr Wheelocks

Tueſday Sepr ye 9

I left Mr Pom‐ roy's 
[bottom]New London Sepr ye 2 I went to See the Red  Mr Graves, and he gave me 9 Books and  one Dollar
and went to Mr Wheelocks, and about  10 o.C. the Indian Scholars and I went  Down to mohegan, and got there at Nigh^t^

whedneſday Sepr ye 10th

we Taried at Mohegan  Thurſday we went to New London, and  Fryday we Stay'd at N. London. Satur day we went to Nahantick and Stayday  there the Sabbath over, and Monday Sepr  ye 15 we Spent the Day there Tueſday we  Sot out for Mohegan again, and got  there about 2 in the after Noon, and  wedneſday and Thurſday we Spent at  Mohegan, and Fryday Sepr ye 19  about 10 o.c we went a Board of Mr  Culver, and Sail'd Down to N. London  and a Number of us Lodg'd at Cap  Shaw's, and many that Come with us  were Bewitch'd with Strong Drink,

Saturday Sepr ye 20

a few of us went  over to Nahantick again, and got  there about Noon, to the Surprize  of my Friends, being unexpected there  found them all well — &c  Sabbath Day Sepr 21 we kept  the Sabbath there MonlDay we wen^t^  Ba^c^k to New London got the there  about 8 in the morning and Spent  the Day there, and Saw the exerſ[illegible][guess: ie]s 
of Joy in New London on acount  of the Victory gain'd in Canada over  the French, Taried at Capt Shaw's  that Night again,

Tueſday Sepr ye 23

we Sot out  from NL for Long-Island and Saild  [illegible]moſt all that NDay and Night  Towards morning we got to oiſter  Po[illegible]nd, and Some of us went a Shore  about went a Board again  and Saild for Shelter Island  b^e^ing Wind Bound we Saild in  to Shiller Island Harber,  at Night went to Houſe found  nothing but negroes and Indians  In it but they were [illegible]Very kind  to I [illegible] us. the Indians in ye  hearing I was on the Island,  a number Cam to gether to  hear the word of god, I gav^e^  a Short Diſcourſe —

Thirdſday September ye 25

we got up every Early in  the Morning, and a Board  and Sot Saile for Montautk,  Arriv'd there Some^time in ye^ time befor^e^  Night, found all our Friends  well, — 17:3 [illegible][guess: 1/3]
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March ye 31 1761

Recd of Mr. Sam.l Powers  for Jonathan Hedges 2.4-0  S  6.. : Payd to Mr Powers  out of it