Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Samson Occom, 1757 January 7


abstractWheelock notifies Occom of a communication with the Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America, in which the Commission recommends Occom for ordination. Wheelock feels it is more proper for the local presbytery to examine Occom for ordination, and requests that they provide testimonials of his character as soon as possible.

handwritingHandwriting is not Wheelock's; it is tidy, with a heavy upward slant.

paperHeavy creasing, with wear along middle crease resulting in minor loss of text.

inkInk is dark, and darker on the verso.

noteworthyLetter is marked as a copy.

signatureSigned "Eleazar Wheelock," but not by Wheelock.

EventsOccom’s Ordination

  Son Samſon 
A few Days ago I receved from the Honarable Andrew  Oliver Esq:r the following votes of The Hon.le Comiſs:rs [illegible] At a Meeting of The  Comiſs..rs
 Boſton 12 Nov:r 1756
Whereas Samſon Occom Who Some years Since was Enployed  at Long Iſland in The Government of New york by Sum of The  Inhabitants there to Keep an Indian School and afterward, to Preach the  Gospel to Them and who upon applycation Made to The Comiſs:rs after he had  Engaged in S..d Service was allowed by Them Twenty Pound, p.r annum is  Notwithſtanding his Several allowances fallen in Debt & Thereby brought  Into Difficulties —
Voted as a further Encouragement To Said Samſon To Continue in The  Indian Service There be allowed him Twenty Pounds in order To Enable him  To Diſcharge his [worn_edge: [guess: Debts]]; The Comiſs..rs Expecting That Those who originally  Employed him afford him There aſsiſtsance Likewiſe for This Purpose —  and in as much as Said Samſon is Repreſented To be a Perſon of a Virtuous  Life and Usefull as a Preacher To the Indians; The Comiſs.rs Would recommend  it to The Revd M:r Eleazer Wheelock & M.r Pomeroy and other Miniſters  of The Same aſsociation to Conſider of the Expediency of ^his^ being ordained  To The Paſtoral office and to Proceed to Do it if They Shall Think Best.  and That there be allowed To S.d Samſon a common Pace Book to the Bible  and Cruden’s Concordence
 Copy atteſt   A Oliver
you observe That They Direct M.r Pomeroy and Myſelf To Call in other  Miniſters to Examine you and Conſult of The [illegible: [guess: Expeeding]] of your bing  Ordained We are in Doubt of The Propriety of our Doing it, Thinking it Rather  The Right of The Rev:d Preſby:ty on The Island unleſs you Should take the  Pastrol Charge of the Indians on The main but at this Diſtance we are not  able to judge of That Matter not knowing either the Number or Dispoſition  of Those Indians among whome you are, & have been Labouring, We have  underſtood that there is a conſiderable on Number on This Side The water  who Desire To have you for There Miniſter and we have Conſidered The  Distance and Difficulty of Crosing the Sound &c,
and have Therefore agreed [illegible] To adviſe, That you Deſire ſome Neighbouring  Miniſter To Viſit, and Try The Minds of your People and Send us a [illegible: [guess: True]] Repreſentation  of There number and Diſposision Towards you and then that you Viſit The  Rev.d Miniſters of That Preſbytery Shew This To Them and alſo Represent to  Them The State of The indians at Muntauck and Deſire Said Miniſters to  Manyfest to us wheather They approve of our Proseeding according to The foregoing  Vote of Comiſs:rs &c, and if So That They Give us Proper Testimonials of your  Moral and Chriſatian Character, And That you accomplish This as Soon as may  be. and you Must Consider That it will be Some Time after your are Examined  before The Matter Can be accomplished if we Shall have To Viſit The Sevarals   Tribes of Indians upon the Main in order To your ordination. The Lord be with  ^your^ your Sperit Derct your ^ways^ and Keepe you from Fawling into the Condemnatio^n^  of The Divel upon Such an occation. Give Mine and M.r Pomeroys Love to  your Spouse. and Except The Same f your Self From him, as well as, I
Your Affectionate Friend   and Servante  Eleazar Wheelock   
PS Mr Oliver in his To me has This Paſsage which becauſe  it Concerns you I Transcribe here viz “Capt Shaw of New London has  usu^a^lley Supplyd Samſon and taken his orders upon me for it, and where ^were^ you  Do send ^to ſend^ him Copy of what Relates To him would I Doubt not To Do it Still  Not be G^l^ad to Do it Still.”   Copy.
Lett.r to Sampſon  occom. Jany. 1757.