Samson Occom, letter, to Unknown, 1756


abstractA letter to an unknown donor expressing thanks.

handwritingThe document is in Wheelock's hand, not Occom's. It is informal, heavily slanted and occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with light staining and wear, and somewhat heavy creasing. The letter is on the same paper as manuscripts 756190, 756900.1 and 756520.

inkBrown ink is heavily faded.

noteworthyThe contents of this document are very similar to those of a letter fragment, written in Occom's hand, contained in manuscript 754900.2.

signatureThe letter is signed Samson Occom, but the signature is in Wheelock's hand.

I look upon Myſelf, of all Cretures the moſt indebted  to God, who has calld me out of the Groſseſs Paganiſm,  where I was periſhing without the leaſt Glimpse of Gospel  Light, and brought me into his marvellous Light. and diſ‐ pos'd the hearts of one and another of his Dear Peopte to  Shew Pitty and great Kindneſs to me. and Expreſs the Same  in Numberleſs Inſtances. among which yours by the Rev. M.r  Wheelock muſt be acknowledg'd an Remembred by me with  the Greateſt Gratitude, In which, however unworthy I am  you could have no other motive but a Single Regard to  the Advancement of the Kingdom & Glory of the Redeem^er^  may God reward You out of his Immeſe Treaſures of Re‐ ‐wards and Gifts. and however little you may account  of it thro' the greatneſs of Your Affection to Chriſt which  will make you think little of the moſt you can do for him  yet it was great in the Eyes of Chriſt. and I Truſt you  [illegible] are Intituled Yourſelf to the Bleſsedneſs of him that con‐ ‐ſidereth the Poor. pleaſe Madam to Suffer me to beg, in  addition to the Favours received, Your continual Remembrance  at the Throne of Divinge Grace, of him who is, with the Greateſt  Reſpect   
Your moſt obliged, Dutifull & Obedient Servant   Samſon Occom  T 
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