Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Colonel Henchman, 1756 September 20


abstractWheelock writes a draft of a letter discussing the intended charter for the Charity School.

handwritingRelatively tidy and legible, with a few deletions and additions.

paperModerate staining and creasing; large stain on upper right corner of 1 recto, with no loss of text.

noteworthyOn same paper as 756190, 756900.1 and 756900.2.

layoutIf the paper containing all four letters were to be read as a book, this letter would be page two.

  Dear Sir.   
Yrs of July 30. (with the Collection for Cloathg my Indian Boys)  By M.r Elderkin came Safe to Hand. we ha’ reconſidered y.e objns wc  yo hint agst our ^Suit for a^ Charter from ye Crown. which we had conſidered and  largely debated before. We ha’ conſidrd y.e Diſtemperd ſtate of Religion  the divided Sentiments & Prejudices in the minds of men, which have heretofore  had ſo great, & we fear Still ha’ too great influence into our publick  Affairs. We have also conſidered that the validity of a Charter from this  Government is by many Questiond. & beſides they cant Enable us to act  purſue the Deſign if we ſhod have ever ſo fair an opportunity for it  without ye bounds of this Government and many other Conſiderations  too many to mention now. which Still determin us to purſue the Deſign  as has been propoſd. The Paquet ſent to yo is a Duplicate of one  ſent to the Jerſies to the care of Preſid.t Burr w.c we hope he has  found a Paſsage for ſome weeks ago. & Deſire yo will imbrace the firſt  good opportunity to ſend. The things at preſent look with a very me- -loncholly & threatg Aſpect upon this and all Deſigns in fav.r of y.e poor  Creatures. If y.o ha’ Rec.d accordg to your hopes Rec.d Rec.d the Charities  of any good people for the use of these Boys. please to keep it in  your Hands & credit my acco.t ſo much. & your ord.r to me ſhall be re- funded to the Boys. I hope you will be able to inform me by Capt  [illegible: [guess: Jn Freeman]] of the good acceptance of the Proposal made to D.r Gardener  to furniſh these Boys with Books. I thank you hartily for the  Reſpect ſhewn me in yours. I aſk your Remembrance of me  in your Neareſt aproaches to God. pleaſe to accept affectionate  ſalutation from Dear ſir,   
your obliged Hum.le ſerv.t    Eleazr Wheelock  
P.S. the Crowd of Buſineſs which I happen to be in when this Lettr  is calld for I hope will Excuſe the inacuracies Blotts & Er[illegible]  in it. This is ye firſt opportunity of conveyance to you yt has  preſented ſince I Received yours. yrsEW   
To Col. D. Henchman Esq.r at Boſton
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