Samson Occom, journal, 1750 June 21 to 1751 February 9


abstractOccom details his travels along the East Coast from the autumn of 1750 to the late winter of 1751.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible. As is common with Occom, there are some uncrossed t’s and crossed l’s; they have been corrected by the transcriber.

paperSmall sheets folded into a booklet are in fair-to-poor condition, with heavy staining and wear that results in some loss of text.

inkBrown ink sustains varying degrees of fading.

noteworthyOn one recto, Occom has written random words, some possibly in Mohegan, many illegible. The word "Sarah" (Occom’s mother) is written backwards. Also on one recto, an editor, likely 19th-century, has written: "June 21, 1750 to Saty Feb. 9. 1751. [at Montauk] Tuesd. Feb. 12]". This same editor has made underlinings and overwrites throughout the document; these have not been transcribed. When Occom mentions an "Indian Town" he is likely referring to the Indian villages associated with each place that he visits.

EventsOccom’s Mission to the Montauketts

[illegible]  Nnaunwuqus  Beer-lahai-roi  orchard  Samſon Sarah  Mohegan  [illegible] 

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Thirdſday June ye 21[illegible]th 1750

  I Sot out from Montauk for  Eaſthampton and got there  Some time before Night, and  taried at Revd Mr Buel's that  Night,

Fryday June ye 2518 ^22^th 

John Aſhpo Came to me from  Montauk, about 10 in the morng  and we Emediately Sot out from  thence for South Hampton, and  got there About 4 in the after N–  and taried at Dea– Tuts, and we  Stayd there amongſt our Country  Men till Monday June ye 25, and  then we Return'd from thence to  wards Montauk, and we got there  Some time before Night Safe &  Sound —   

Saturday Auguſt ye 4 AD 1750

  I Sot out from montk for Eaſt–  and got there before Night and  Lo^d^ged at Mr W: Hedge's that —  and Monday Juſt at Night  I Came a way from Eaſt and got  to Montk Juſt after Sun Set — 

Mongday Sepr ye 10 AD: 1750

I Left  my School and to Napeeg, and  got there Juſt after Sun[illegible] Set  and we went further in the Night 

Saturday Sepr ye 15:

we Sot  out Sail from Long Island  for main, and got over a  bout 1 o'Clock in the after  Noon [illegible] , and I was Landed  at Stoneing Town and  I Sot out from thence  for mohegan & got  there Some time in the  Night and found [illegible]Moſt  of my [illegible]Relations well 

Thriday Sepr ye 20 AD: 1750

I Sot out from Mohegan for  Lebanon and [illegible]Got to Mr Williams  Juſt before Su[illegible]n Set and Lodg'd  there and was kindly entain'd.

and Fryday Sepr ye 21

Early in  the Morning, I Sot out from  thence to Crank and got to Mr we'  before Noon and found madam  and Theodora very Sick. and I  Stay'd there till [illegible] after Noon,  and then I Sot out from thence  for Hebron, and got there Juſt  after Sun Set and found moſt  of 'em Well, and Monday Sepr  the 24th I Sot out from Hebron for  Mohegan, and got there Some time  in the Night, — and Fr^[below]^^yday  Sepr ye 28th I Sot out from  Mohegan for Nawyyonuk  and got there Juſt before  Sun Set and tary'd with  one Lemuel Burrows & Satur  Day morning Sot out from  thence for Naroganſet   
and got there Some time  after in the Night ^&^ Lodg'd  with one James Simon, &  was kindly Entertain by my  Friends &c &c — 

Thirſday octr ye 4th AD: 1750

  I Sot out from Naroganſet  for Nawauyounk and got  there Some time in the Night  and Lodg'd at Toowiſ's Wig‐ wam and Fryday morning Sot  from thence for New London,  and got there about 9 in ye  morning, and from thence  Strait up to Mohegan — and 

Monday ocr ye 8

wen Down to  New London in order [illegible] to go  over to Long-Iſland &c &c 

and Tueſday [gap: stain][guess: ocr] the 9th

was  at New London all the   Day   
and at Night about 1 or 2  o' C[gap: stain] Sot-Sail from New‐  London for Montauk, and  got a Shore Juſt before Sun  riſe at fort pond and I Sot  from there Directly for the  Indian Town, and went a  mong the People to get Some  Sweet Corn, and then I went  to Napeek, and back again  to Indian Town and got there  in the Evening &c — 

Saturday Ocr ye 13

I went  from Montauk for Eaſt &  taried there Sabbath and 

Monday Ocr ye 15th

I return'd  to Montauk [illegible] again — 

Thirſday Octr ye 18

we Sot  out from Montauk, for Eaſt  and taried that Night and  Friday Morning we Sot a  way from thence for Shene‐   
Shenecock and we got there at ^mr Ho[illegible]^  a bout 9, a bout 11 we went  the Indian Town, there we heard  Mr White Preach a thankſgiv  ing Sermon to the Indians, &  we taried there till Monday fol‐ lowing Octr ye 22 then we retur^nd^  to Montauk again and we got  there about 7 at Night &c — 

NovWedenſday November ye 14 ^1750^

  I Sot out from Montauk  for Eaſt to thankſgiving  and Fryday Novr ye 16 I re  turnd again to Montauk  and got there Juſt before  S[illegible][guess: ot]un Sit and So forth 

Saturday December ye 1: 1750

  I Sot out from Montauk for  Sagg to [illegible]See Mr Maltby  and I got there Juſt before  Sun Sit and Lodg'd at Mr  Ruſſil's   
was kindly Entertain'd, and  Next Day I heard Mr Maltby  preach, and was with him  in the after Noon, at Mr  Gulſon's, and taryd at Night  with Mr Maltby, And Monday  I part with him at Mr. Gulſon[illegible][guess: 's]  and Came a way home towards  home to Montauk & got there  at Night, &c 

Saturday Fabruary ye  9 1750

[illegible: [guess: — 1]] I went to E Ham  and participate with 'em  the Sacrament of the Lds– S–  and Tueſday February ye  12 I returnd to Montauk 
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[illegible] to John Aſhpo  from Hannabel, 8 5 Due to  Cyrus from John Aſhpo 

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