Samson Occom, Sermon, Psalm 139:7


abstractOccom's notes for a sermon from Psalm 139:7 — "Whither shall I go from thy spirit?".

handwritingHandwriting is clear and legible.

paperSmall sheets of paper folded into a booklet and bound with thread or twine is in good conditon, with light staining and wear.

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Psalms 139: 7   Whither Shall I go from   thy Spirit &c  Infidility and Athieſim  Seem to be a Sin, we are  born with by Nature,  David Says the fool Saith  in his Heart there is no  god, and when they own  the being of god, they thin^k^  he is altogether Such a one  as themſelves &c  David in his holy Psalms  gives us a relation of his  obſervations of men and  his knowledge of god, by  his Experience —   
Sometimes he repreſents one  of gods attributes Some a‐  nothere — as in the Psalm  where in our text is &c —  From the words I Shall  take Notice  1 That there is no Shuch  thing as runing a way  from the God — —  2 There is no hiding from   him — —  1 that there is no &c — —  this the holy Psalmeſt by  knew by his experimantal  knowledge and a lively  Since ^he had^ of god when he Pen'd   
this Psalm, as the Psalm  Shows the Psalmeſt was Sur‐  priz'd, to find himſe^l^f Surroun'^d^  with the omnipreſence of god  and his omniſence — — 
2 there is no hiding from  him. &c  1 we Can't hide our Selves  from god who is a Spirit  let us try to hide our Selves  where we will, he will fond  us out, &c — — —  2 We Can't hide our works  from him, knows all  things &c — — —   
 Improvement — —  Is it So as we have heard  that God is a Spirit and  he is every where and know^s^  and Sees all things, that  there is no Such thing as  runing a way and hiding  from, I Say if theſe things  be true; Then, what manner  of Perſons ought we to be, in  all holy Converſation and god  lineſs — how Careful ought  we to be in our Conduct in  the world, how watchful  ^over^ our thoughts words and  Actions, how Careful  ought we to be in obeying   
god in his word &c — — —  But alas how many  there are in the world  that hear of the Name  of this glorious and dread  ful ^god^, and Yet regard him  not  and is ^there^ not a great number  in this great Congregation  that are thus regardleſs  of god and godlineſs; if not,  what means all this diſtrac‐  tion, and abomination, that  is manifeſted in & — —  know ye not that god hath  Seen and knows you all  and is acquanted with all   
Your works, [illegible][guess: if] tho you  may have forgot many  of your own works, but  god remembers them — —  And do you know that  god Sees you now, and  all your thoughts &c — —  and where do you intend  to run from his Preſence  or where do you intend to  hide &c — —  but in the laſt Place  not to Leave you here —  I will give you a directi  on — where to run, run to  god himſelf with a true   
Repentence, and faith  toward our Lord Jesus X —  in Jx you hide your  Selves from the wrath  of god, then you may  hide your ſins, and they  will be ſeen and remembd  by dgod no more — —   
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