Samson Occom, letter, date and recipient unknown


abstractIn a strongly worded letter to an unidentified correspondent, Occom declares that he and John Tantaquidgeon have been unjustly served with lawsuits.

handwritingOccom's hand is clear and legible.

paperLarge single sheet is in poor condition, with heavy creasing, staining and wear that results in some loss of text. Tape marks are visible on one verso. Although Occom's hand is clear, the condition of the paper greatly hinders legibility.

noteworthyThere is no dateline, nor any indication of the letter’s recipient.

Hon.d Sir 
Brother John Dantuckquechen  who brings theſe few [gap: stain][guess: lines] has had a Law  Suit againſt [gap: stain][guess: him] I [gap: stain]e upon Suſpiſsion of  Debt, and he knew [gap: stain][guess: noth]ing about it, till it  was over, it was John [gap: stain] [illegible]h'es doings, he im  ployd one Shoals to Cary on the Suit, now  is agreable to the Laws of this State or any  State [illegible][guess: ?] that a[illegible][guess: may] be Suid, and the Caſe tryd. &  Deſided, and the man that Suid knows nothing  from firſt to laſt, till the Execution Comes out  againſt him, if this will do and Countanced, by  by Law, then any man draw upon, account a  gainſt his Neighbour without any Dealings with  him, — and Sue him, get Judgment againſt  him, — Do You Serve one another So? if not, why  Should we be Serv'd [gap: hole]— is there no redreſs, [gap: worn_edge]  [illegible][illegible] for the Indians, by the Rulers, if there is  none, I do declare it, I had rather be amongſt  the moſt Wild and uncultivated Indians, in the  Weſtern Wilderneſs., — I was So Servd laſt Spring [illegible]juſt  as we were Set^ing^ of for Onieda and I Coud not Stop  to ſee further about it, I thought Sin woud be at  their door, but I need Say more — Is there Such a  thing as delivering John from the Paw of Such  unreaſonable and Cruel men? — I am Yet   
Your very huml Servt   Samſon Occom 
[stain] B