Norwich Landing

Variant name of place:

Norwich and Landing; Norwich Landin; N. Landing

Geographic position:

41.5223N, 72.0779W


Building of Occom's House, Fundraising Tour of Great Britain,

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Sources: Geo coordinates at,n,chelsea%20landing,fid,1930719.cfm.

General note:

Norwich Landing is the original name of the area around the public landing built in 1694 at the head of the Thames River in the town of Norwich, CT, to faciliate trade with England. It was a site of business and trade, also called "Chelsea Landing" and "Chelsea." Eventually, this neighborhood became the downtown area of what grew to be the city of Norwich. Because of its proximity to Lebanon, CT, where Eleazar Wheelock lived and worked, and its harbor with access to the Long Island Sound, Norwich Landing became the main point of travel for Wheelock and his associates, and visitors who frequently traveled to the area by boat.