Variant name of place:

Lebanon Crank

Geographic position:

41.6911° N, 72.3072° W

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The Woman’s Guild of the Columbia Congregational Church. The Story of Columbia. Columbia Historical Society, Inc: Columbia, CT, 1994. Web.

General note:

Columbia is a town in central Connecticut. In 1699, William Clark and Josiah Dewey of Northampton purchased a tract of land indirectly from Abimelech, the grandson of Mohegan sachem Uncas. Oweneco, Abimelech’s uncle and Uncas’s son, again conveyed this tract of land to Clarke and Dewey in 1700. The 21.9 square miles of land was at that time a part of Lebanon and was known as Lebanon Crank. Wheelock’s home and school were located in what was then Lebanon Crank. In 1804, Lebanon Crank separated from Lebanon due in part to its distance from town meetings and became the town of Columbia.