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    Encyclopedia Arctica 9: Transportation and Communications

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            The papers in volumes numbered higher

    than VI are in various stages of composition and

    editing. Some are in form such as might have

    been submitted by the Encyclopedia's editors to

    the editors of the publishers, some are in the

    author's final form but unedited, some are in the

    author's semi-final drafts, a few are hardly more

    than preliminary drafts or even notes.


    Viljhalmur Stefansson

    Dartmouth College Library

    Hanover, New Hampshire

    January 8, 1955

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    Office of Naval Research

    Department of the Navy

    Washington, D.C.


    Vilhjalmur Stefansson

    Assistant Editor

    Olive Wilcox



    (Incomplete and Tentative .) Needs further editing and checking

    before submission to the publisher.)

    The Stefansson Library

    4 St. Luke's Place

    New York 14

    September 1951

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    EA-Transportation and Communications



    (Incomplete and Tentative.)

    Subject Author Words Folder
    Arctic Skin Boats—Text Howard A I . Chapelle 17,200 (1)
    Arctic Skin Boats—Figures Howard A I . Chapelle (2)
    Arctic Pioneer Craft* [no m5. copy some matl.

    filed in mss.]
    Howard A I . Chapelle 8,500 (3)
    Early Vessels in Arctic Exploration

    and Voyaging
    Howard A I . Chapelle 6,000 (4)
    Design and Development of Arctic

    Trading Vessels
    Howard A I . Chapelle 3,000 (5)
    The Development and Design of

    Arctic Whaling and Sealing Vessels
    Howard A I . Chapelle 5,500 (6)
    Past and Present Coast Guard Vessels

    for the Arctic [ missing i some matl

    filed mss]
    Edward H. Thiele 2,500 (7)
    Water Transportation in the Canadian

    D. M. LeBourdais 1,000 (8)
    Land and Ice
    1 The Alaska Highway Richard Finnie 6,700 (9)
    2 The Canol Project Richard Finnie 6,500 (10)
    3 Tractor Train Transportation D. M. LeBourdais 3,500 (11)
    4 Greenland: Over-Ice Transportation F. Alton Wade 3,000 (12)
    5 Canadian Yukon Railway D. M. LeBourdais 2,500 (13)
    6 The Hudson Bay Railway D. M. LeBourdais 3,800 (14)
    7 National Transcontinental Railway D. M. LeBourdais 1,050 (15)

            * Submitted in one (original) copy only.

    002      |      Vol_IX-0004                                                                                                                  
    EA-Transp. & Comm. Table of Contents

    Subject Author Words Folder
    Land and Ice contd.
    8 Ontario Northland Railway D. M. LeBourdais 2,230 (16)
    9 [but see

    Chap. 11]
    White Pass and Yukon Railway
    D. M. LeBourdais 2,400 (17)
    10 Yukon Telegraph Service D. M. LeBourdais 2,650 (18)
    Omitted Collins Overland Telegraph Company

    (Western Union)*
    D.M. LeBourdais 1,950 (19)
    10 Alaska Highway Telephone System Richard Finnie 880 (20)
    The Expansion of Aviation into

    Arctic and Sub-Arctic Canada* [Sole cop. Some

    matter filed

    in mss.]
    J. A. Wilson 4,780 (21)
    Canadian Pacific Air Lines P. T. Cole 2,800 (22)
    Northern Canadian "Bush" Flying Richard Finnie 4,570 (23)
    Canada's Northern Airports and

    Flying Routes
    Richard Finnie 4,100 (24)
    Total: 97,110 Words

    * Submitted in one (original) copy only.

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