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    Encyclopedia Arctica 8: Anthropology and Archeology

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            The papers in volumes numbered higher

    than VI are in various stages of composition and

    editing. Some are in form such as might have

    been submitted by the Encyclopedia's editors to

    the editors of the publishers, some are in the

    author's final form but unedited, some are in the

    author's semi-final drafts, a few are hardly more

    than preliminary drafts or even notes.


    Viljhalmur Stefansson

    Dartmouth College Library

    Hanover, New Hampshire

    January 8, 1955

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    Office of Naval Research

    Department of the Navy

    Washington, D.C.


    Vilhjalmur Stefansson

    Managing Editor

    Olive Wilcox



    (Incomplete and Tentative .) Needs further editing and checking

    before submission to the publisher.)

    The Stefansson Library

    4 St. Luke's Place

    New York 14

    September 1951

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    Kaj Birket-Smith Etnografisk Samling, Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Henry B. Collins, Jr. Senior Ethnologist, Bureau of American Ethnology, Smith–

    sonian Institution, Washington 25, D.C.
    John M. Cooper Formerly Professor of Anthropology, Catholic University of

    America, Washington, D.C. Deceased.
    Johannes Falkenberg Konservator, Universitetets Etnografiske Museum, Tullinløkka,

    Oslo, Norway.
    Viola E. Garfield Assistant Professo o r of Anthropology, University of Wash–

    ington, Seattle, Washington
    J. L. Giddings, Jr. University of Alaska, College, Alaska
    Gutorm Gjessing Instituttet for Sammenlignende Kulturforskning, Oslo, Norway
    Eugene A. Golomshtok Anthropologist. Deceased.
    Robert F. Heizer Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of California,

    Berkeley, Calif.
    Erik Holtved University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Diamond Jenness Formerly Chief, Division of Anthropology, National Museum,

    Ottawa; now Geographical Bureau, Department of Mines and

    Resources, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
    Margaret Lantis Study in Lifetime Social Adjustments, Harvard University,

    Cambridge, Mass.
    Helge Larsen Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen, Denm k ar . k.
    Douglas Leechman Archaeologist, National Museum, Ottawa, Canada.
    Therkel Mathiassen Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen, Denm k ar . k .
    T. F. McIlwraith Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology, Toronto, Canada.
    Robert McKennan Professor of Sociology, Dar t mouth College, Hanover, N.H.
    George I. Quimby Curator, Chicago Natural History Museum, Chicago, Illinois.
    Aage Roussell Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen, Denm k ark.

    002      |      Vol_VIII-0004                                                                                                                  
    Contributors to Vol. VIII

    Richard Slobodin Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of

    Southern California, Los Angeles, California.
    Frank G. Speck Professor of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania,

    Philadelphia, Pa.
    John J. Teal, Jr. Department of Anthropology, McGill University, Montreal,


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    ( Incomplete and Tentative.)

    Subject Author Words
    The Eskimos
    Regional Description
    The Pacific Eskimo Kaj Birket-Smith 2,900 (1)
    Bering Sea and Arctic Coast Eskimos of Alaska Margaret Lantis 7,800 (2)
    The Copper Eskimos Diamond Jenness 3,200 (3)
    The Hudson Bay Eskimos Kaj Birket-Smith 5,600 (4)
    Ethnology of the Greenland Eskimos Therkel Mathiassen 6,500 (5)
    The Aleuts Henry B. Collins, Jr. 5,000 (6)
    The Indians
    Regional Description
    The Tlingit, Haida, and Eyak Indians

    of Southeastern Alaska
    Viola E. Garfield 8,000 (7)
    Alaska, Athapaskans Robert McKennan 4,500 (8)
    Canada, Athapaskans Robert McKennan 4,500 (9)
    Northern Cree (Canada) John M. Cooper 7,000 (10)
    The Montagnais-Naskapi Frank G. Speck 14,500 (11)
    Peoples of Northern Eurasia
    The Lapps* Johannes Falkenberg 7,200 (12)
    Ethnic Population of Siberia Eugene A. Golomshtok 6,630 (13)

    *Submitted in one (original) copy only.

    002      |      Vol_VIII-0006                                                                                                                  
    EA-Anthrop. Table of Contents

    Subject Author Words
    Peoples of Northern Eurasia (continued)
    Chukchis Eugene A. Golomshtok 9,000 (14)
    The Dolgans* Eugene A. Golomshtok 13,000 (15)
    The Gilyaks* Eugene A. Golomshtok 8,500 (16)
    The Kamchadals* [sole cop. - no ms.] Eugene A. Golomshtok 6,100 (17)
    Koryaks Eugene A. Golomshtok 8,500 (18)
    Ostyaks Eugene A. Golomshtok 5,700 (19)
    Samoyeds Eugene A. Golomshtok 8,100 (20)
    Tavghians Eugene A. Golomshtok 6,500 (21)
    Northern Tungus or Evenki* Eugene A. Golomshtok 8,700 (22)
    The Voguls* Eugene A. Golomshtok 6,700 (23)
    Yakuts Eugene A. Golomshtok 5,800 (24)
    The Ketts or Yeniseians Eugene A. Golomshtok 8,000 (25)
    Yukaghirs Eugene A. Golomshtok 6,900 (26)
    Acculturation: Eskimo-White and Indian-White T. F. McIlwraith 3,000 (27)
    Northern Athapaskan Acculturation Richard Slobodin 8,000 (28)
    Alaskan Eskimo Acculturation Margaret Lantis 16,000 (29)
    Patterns of Discrimination s in the Arctic John J. Teal, Jr. 8,100 (30)

            *Submitted in one (original) copy only.

    003      |      Vol_VIII-0007                                                                                                                  
    EA-Anthrop. Table of Contents



    Subject Author Words
    The Origin and Antiquity of the Eskimo Henry B. Collins, Jr. 11,100 (31)
    Regional Description of Prehistoric

    Eskimo Cultures
    Prehistoric Cultures of Kodiak Island Robert F. Heizer 2,200 (32)
    The Ethnology and Archaeology of

    the Aleutian Islands
    George I. Quimby 3,100 (33)
    Eskimo and Indian Archaeology in

    the Interior of Alaska
    J. L. Giddings, Jr. 3,100 (34)
    Ipiutak Culture Helge Larsen 2,500 (35)
    Old Bering Sea and Punuk Cultures Henry B. Collins, Jr. 4,500 (36)
    Birnirk Culture Henry B. Collins, Jr. 2,600 (37)
    Thule Culture Therkel Mathiassen 2,500 (38)
    Dorset Eskimo Culture Douglas Leechman 1,800 (39)
    Prehistoric Cultures in Greenaland Erik Holtved 3,300 (40)
    The Norsemen in Greenland Aage Roussell 8,700 (41)
    Regional Description of Prehistoric

    Cultures in North Eurasia
    Archaeology of Siberia* [sole cop. - outline?

    in mes.]
    Eugene A. Golomshtok 11,000 (42)
    Prehistoric European Arctic Cultures Gutorm Gjessing 7,000 (43)
    Total: 283,300 words

            * Submitted in one (original) copy only.

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