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    Encyclopedia Arctica 6: Plant Sciences (Regional)

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            The papers in this volume are in the form intended

    for submission, in 1950, to the editors of the publishers, who

    then were the Johns Hopkins Press of Baltimore.

            It was anticipated that after an editing by the pub–

    lishers their resulting version would be re-edited by the

    Encyclopedia Arctica staff. In cases of disagreement, a final

    version was to be arrived at by the two groups of editors.

            Those who use the present typescript will no doubt

    find in it errors that would have been eliminated by one

    group of editors or the other. Doubtless, too, there would

    have been additions as well as other changes not due to dis–

    covered errors.


    Viljhalmur Stefansson

    Dartmouth College Library

    Hanover, New Hampshire

    December 9, 1954

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    Sponsored by

    Office of Naval Research

    Department of the Navy

    Washington, D.C.


    Vilhjalmur Stefansson

    Assistant Editor

    Olive Wilcox


    PLANT SCIENCES (Regional)

    Adviser and Special Editor

    Nicolas Polunin

    The Stefansson Library

    4 St. Luke's Place

    New York 14

    April 1951

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    Nicholas Polunin: Adviser and Special Editor

    Basil M. Bensin Agronomist, Alaska Agricultural Experiment

    Station, University of Alaska, College, Alaska
    Tyge W. Bøcher Lektor, Universitetets Planteanatomiske Laboratorium,

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    A. H. Bremer Professor, Norges Landbrukshøgskole, Vollebekk, Norway
    K. N. Christensen Manager, Danish Government Agricultural Station

    in Greenland, Julianehaab, Greenland
    William Dickson Research Assistant to the Director, Central Experi–

    mental Farm, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada.
    George W. Gasser Fairbanks, Alaska (formerly Commissioner, Alaska

    Department of Agriculture)
    Gunnar Holmsen Statsgeolg, Norges Geologiske Undersøkelser, Oslo, Norway
    Eric Hulten Professor and Director, Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet,

    Stockholm, Sweden
    A. Leahey Principal Pedologist, Experimental Farms Service,

    Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada
    Johannes Lid Konservator, Universitetets Botaniske Museum, Oslo, Norway
    George A. Llano Associate Curator, Division of Cryptogamia,

    Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
    A Á skell Löve Institute of Botany and Genetics, University of

    Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
    C. C. Nikiforoff Soil Scientist, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and

    Agricultural Engineering, U.S. Department of Agriculture,

    Beltsville, Maryland.
    Rolf Nordhagen Professor, Universitetets Botaniske Museum, Oslo, Norway.

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    EA-VI: Contributors

    Iver J. Nygard Senior Soil Scientist, Division of Soil Survey,

    Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural

    Engineering, U.S. Department of Agriculture,

    University Farm, St. Paul, Minnesota
    A. C. Orvedal Soil Scientist, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils,

    and Agricultural Engineering, U.S. Department of

    Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland
    Nicholas Polunin Macdonald Professor of Botany, McGill University,

    Montreal; Research Fellow, Gray Herbarium, Harvard

    University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    A. Erling Porsild Chief Botanist, National Museum of Canada, Ottawa,

    Ontario, Canada
    Hugh M. Raup Professor of Plant Geography, Harvard University;

    Director, Harvard Forest, Petersham, Massachusetts
    Jacques Rousseau Director, Montreal Botanical Garden, Canada
    Valery J. Tereshtenko Agricultural specialist, New York City, N.Y.

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    Subject Author Words
    Regional Flora and Vegetation
    Canadian Eastern Arctic Nicholas Polunin 42,000 (1) ok
    Flora and Vegetation between 55° and

    60° N. in Quebec and Labrador
    Jacques Rousseau 26,000 (2)
    Flora and Vegetation of Greenland Tyge W. Bøcher 11,500 (3)
    Flora and Vegetation of Iceland A Á skell Löve 7,400 (4)
    Flora and vegetation of Svalbard

    and Jan Mayen
    Johannes Lid 5,000 (5)
    Flora and Vegetation of Northern–

    most Scandinavia – Missing –
    Rolf Nordhagen 10,000 (5a) ok
    Phytogeography and Vegetation of

    the Soviet Arctic Region
    Eric Hult e é n 26,000 (6) o.k
    Phytogeography and Vegetation of

    the Bering Sea District
    Eric Hult e é n 5,000 (6a)
    Flora and Vegetation of Arctic

    Alaska, Yukon, and Northwest–

    ern Canada
    A. Erling Porsild 6,000 (7)
    Vegetation of the Central and

    Southern Mackenzie River Basin
    Hugh M. Raup 5,800 (8)
    Introduction: Soil Formation under

    Arctic Conditions
    C. C. Nikiforoff 11,000 (9)
    Soils of Alaska Iver J. Nygard and

    A.C. Orvedal
    8,400 (10)
    Soils of Arctic Canada A. Leahey 4,500 (11)
    Soils of Greenland Tyge W. Böcher 2,000 (11a)
    Soils of Svalbard and Northernmost

    Gunnar Holmsen 3,600 (12)
    Soils of the Eurasian Arctic C. C. Nikiforoff 11,000 (13)

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    EA-VI: Table of Contents

    Subject Author Words
    Economic Botany
    Edible Plants of the Arctic A. Erling Porsild 7,800 (14)
    Economic Botany of the Arctic A. Erling Porsild 11,000 (15)
    Utilization of Lichens in the

    Arctic and Subarctic
    George A. Llano 10,000 (16)
    Agriculture and Horticulture
    Agriculture and Horticulture of

    Arctic and Subarctic Areas
    Basil M. Bensin and

    George W. Gasser
    7,200 (17)
    Agriculture in Alaska George W. Gasser 6,500 (18)
    Agriculture and Horticulture in

    K. N. Christensen 3,400 (20)
    Plant Cultivation in Norway at

    70-71° N. Lat. (Finnmark)
    A. H. Bremer 2,500 (21)
    Polar Agriculture and Horticulture

    in the U.S.S.R.
    Valery J. Tereshtenko 21,000 (22)
    Total 260,700 words

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