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Volume 6: Plant Sciences (Regional)

Canadian Eastern Arctic

Sketch-map showing subdivisions of the Canadian Eastern Arctic as follows: (1) Ellesmere; (2) Devon, Cornwallis, and Somerset Islands; (3) Northern Baffin; (4) Central Baffin; (5) Southern Baffin; (6) Melville Peninsula; (7) Northernmost Labrador; (8) Northernmost Quebec; (9) Islands in Hudson and Ungava Bays; (10) West Coast of Hudson Bay (Keewatin).

Flora and Vegetation of Greenland

Map of Greenland

Flora and Vegetation of Iceland

The main nunatak areas during the maximum glaciation.

Soils of Arctic Canada

Fig. 1. Map of Canada

Utilization of Lichens in the Arctic and Subarctic

Fig. 1. Usnic acid
Fig. 2. Physcion
Fig. 3. Evernic acid
Fig. 4. Rhizocarpic acid
Fig. 5. Epanorin