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    Encyclopedia Arctica 5: Plant Sciences (General)

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            The papers in this volume are in the form intended

    for submission, in 1950, to the editors of the publishers, who

    then were the Johns Hopkins Press of Baltimore.

            It was anticipated that after an editing by the pub–

    lishers their resulting version would be re-edited by the

    Encyclopedia Arctica staff. In cases of disagreement, a final

    version was to be arrived at by the two groups of editors.

            Those who use the present typescript will no doubt

    find in it errors that would have been eliminated by one

    group of editors or the other. Doubtless, too, there would

    have been additions as well as other changes not due to dis–

    covered errors.


    Viljhalmur Stefansson

    Dartmouth College Library

    Hanover, New Hampshire

    December 9. 1954

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    Sponsored by

    Office of Naval Research

    Department of the Navy

    Washington, D.C.


    Vilhjalmur Stefansson

    Assistant Editor

    Olive Wilcox


    PLANT SCIENCES (General)

    Advisor and Special Editor

    Nicholas Polunin

    The Stefansson Library

    4 St. Luke's Place

    New York 14

    April 1951

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    Nicholas Polunin: Adviser and Special Editor

    Ralph W. Chaney Professor of Paleontology and Curator, Musuem

    of Paleontology, University of California,

    Berkeley, California
    Eilif Dahl Universitetets Botaniske Museum, Oslo, Norway
    G. Erdtman Director, Polynological Laboratory, Bromma,

    Stockholm, Sweden
    J. L. Giddings, Jr. Research Associate, The University Museum,

    University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    Thomas M. Harris Professor of Botany, Univertsity of Reading, England
    Ilmari Hustich Botanical Institute of the University, Helsinki, Finland
    Johannes Iverson Statsgeolog, Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse,

    Charlottenlund, Denmark
    Ivar Jørstad Director, Statens Plantevern, Universitetets Botaniske

    Museum, Oslo, Norway
    C. D. Kelly Assistant Professor of Bacteriology, McGill University,

    Montreal, Canada
    Anton Lang Kerckhoff Laboratories of Biology, California

    Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California
    J. Levitt Associate Professor of Botany, University of

    Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
    A Á skell Löve Institute of Botany and Genetics, University of

    Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
    Nicholas Polunin Macdonald Professor of Botany, McGill University,

    Montreal; Research Fellow, Gray Herbarium, Harvard

    University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Robert Ross Assistant Keeper of Botany, British Museum (Natural

    History), London, England

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    EA-V: Contributors

    Rolf Singer Research Associate, Farlow Herbarium, Harvard Uni–

    versity; Instituto Miguel Lillo, Tucuman, Argentina
    Thorvald Sørensen Lektor, Kgl. Veterinaer-og Landbohø g j skole,

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    William Campbell Steere Professor of Botany, Stanford University,

    Stanford, California
    William Randolph Taylor Professor of Botany and Curator of Algae, University

    of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
    John Walton Regius Professor of Botany, University of Glasgow,

    J. Warren Wilson Lecturer, Department of Botany, University of Reading,


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    Subject Author Words
    Bacteria C. D. Kelly 2,800 (1)
    Algae William Randolph Taylor 14,500 (2)
    Algae: Planktonic Groups Robert Ross 7,000 (3)
    Fungi Rolf Singer 5,000 (4)
    Lichens Eilif Dahl 5,300 (5)
    Bryophytes William Campbell Steere 10,300 (6)
    Vascular Plants - Missing –[see mss.] Nicholas Polunin 150,000 (7)
    Ecology and Physiology
    Autecology and Phenology of

    Arctic Plants
    Thorvald Sørensen 3,000 (8)
    The Polar Tree Line Ilmari Hustich 1,000 (9)
    Phytoplankton Robert Ross 4,600 (10)
    Arctic Plant Physiology J. Warren Wilson 7,400 (11)
    Frost Resistance J. Levitt 3,000 (12)
    Thermoperiodism, Vernalization,

    and Photoperiodism in the Arctic
    Anton Lang 7,800 (13)
    Introduction to Arctic Paleobotany

    and Paleozoic Floras
    John Walton 3,200 (14)
    Mesozoic Paleobotany Thomas M. Harris 7,000 (15)
    Arctic Forests of the Cenozoic Ralph W. Chaney 7,000 (16)
    Pleistocene and Recent Paleobotany

    (Excluding Greenland)
    G. Erdtman 4,300 (17)
    Pleistocene and Recent Paleobotany

    of Greenland
    Johannes Iversen 4,500 (18)

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    EA-V: Table of Contents

    Subject Author Words
    Various Topics
    Tree-Ring Chronologies in the

    American Northland
    J. L. Giddings, Jr. 2,800 (19)
    Polyploidy A Á skell Löve [sole copy–

    no ms. cops,


    cop. of outline

    2,500 (20)
    Parasitic Fungi of the Arctic Ivar Jørstad 20,000 (21)
    Aerobiology Nicholas Polunin 9,000 (22)
    Total: 280,000 words

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