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    Encyclopedia Arctica 3: Zoology (Excluding Birds)

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            The papers in this volume are in the form intended

    for submission, in 1950, to the editors of the publishers, who

    then were the Johns Hopkins Press of Baltimore.

            It was anticipated that after an editing by the pub–

    lishers their resulting version would be re-edited by the

    Encyclopedia Arctica staff. In cases of disagreement, a final

    version was to be arrived at by the two groups of editors.

            Those who use the present typescript will no doubt

    find in it errors that would have been eliminated by one

    group of editors or the other. Doubtless, too, there would

    have been additions as well as other changes not due to dis–

    covered errors.


    Viljhalmur Stefansson

    Dartmouth College Library

    Hanover, New Hampshire

    December 9, 1954

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    Sponsored by

    Office of Naval Research

    Department of the Navy

    Washington, D.C.


    Vilhjalmur Stefansson

    Assistant Editor

    Olive Wilcox


    ZOOLOGY (excluding Birds)

    Special Editor: Max M. J. Dunbar

    The Stefansson Library

    4 St. Luke's Place

    New York 14

    March 1951

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    Max M. J. Dunbar: Special Editor

    Edward Weber Allen Lawyer; chairman or secretary of International

    Fisheries Commission since 1932; U. S. Commissioner,

    International Salmon Fisheries Commission since

    1937. Seattle, Wash.
    Donald Andraws Baird’s Labrador Limited, St. John’s, Newfoundland
    A. W. F. Banfield Chief Mammalogist, Canadian Wildlife Service, De–

    partment of Resources and Development, Ottawa
    Hjalmar Broch Zoologiske Laboratorium, University of Oslo, Norway
    Belmore Browne Artist; mountaineer (Mount McKinley); special con–

    sultant in World War II to A.A.F. on arctic train–

    ing. Ross, Marin County, California
    Leonard Butler Department of Genetics, McGill University, Montreal
    Thomas W. M. Cameron Professor of Parasitology, McGill University, Montreal
    Edwin H. Colbert Curator of fossil reptiles, amphibians, and fishes,

    American Museum of Natural History; Professor of

    Vertebrate Paleontology, Columbia University, New

    Magnus Degerbøl Zoologiske Museum, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Elisabeth Deichmann Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University,

    Max M. J. Dunbar Professor of Zoology, McGill University; Eastern

    Arctic Investigations, Fisheries Research Board of

    Sven Ekman Uppsala University, Sweden
    Richard Finnie Canadian explorer; author; photographer. San Fran–

    cisco, California
    John Giaver Explorer and naturalist. Norsk Polarinstitutt,

    Oslo, Norway

    002      |      Vol_III-0004                                                                                                                  

    Eugene A. Golomshtok Anthropologist and lecturer. Deceased
    Michael Graham Director, Fisheries Laboratory, Lowestoft, England
    E. H. Grainger Biologist, McGill University; Eastern Arctic

    Investigations, Fisheries Research Board of Canada
    Marie Hammer Det Kongelige Naturhistoriske Museet, Copenhagen,

    Poul Hansen Gr ønlads Styrelse Fiskeriundersø gelser, Zoologisk

    Studiesamling, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Henry Hildebrand Specialist on North American Fishers. Fowler, Kansas
    Holger Madsen Zoologiske Laboratorium, Oslo University, Norway
    Fredericka I. Martin Traveler and author. New York
    Olaus J. Murie President, The Wilderness Society. Moose, Wyoming
    Orvar Nybelin Naturhistoriska Museet, Gőteborg, Sweden
    W. Anthony Paddon International Grenfell Association, Grenfell

    Hospital, Labrador
    A. L. Rand Zoologist; Curator of Birds, Chicago Natural

    History Museum
    William Rowan Department of Zoology, University of Alberta,

    Karl P. Schmidt Chief Curator of Zoology, Chicago Natural History

    Vilhjalmur Stefansson Anthropologist; geographer. New York
    Valery J. Tereshtenko Agricultural specialist. New York
    Vadim D. Vladykov Biologist and Director of Laboratory, Department

    of Maritime Fisheries, Quebec
    V. C. Wynne-Edwards Regius Professor of Natural History, University of

    Aberdeen, Scotland

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